Monday, August 9, 2010

Top 10 Summer Beauty Products

Technically, I'm not that behind on doing this since there is still over a month of summer weather left! These things get me through summer!

1. Body scrubs. Summer and winter are the harshest seasons for my dry skin, so I try my best to stay smooth.

2. Sunscreen. A necessity for everyone!

3. Bronzer. I haven't been using bronzer for that long, but I have become addicted to it this year. I love my fair skin, but sometimes I just want a little color for going out.

4. Facial spray. I use these to set makeup, hydrate skin, foil eyeshadows, cool off in the heat...These have been a lifesaver!

5. Tinted moisturizer. I make my own by mixing MAC's Strobe Cream or one of my face moisturizers and one of my foundations. I sometimes throw a little Eyeko Tinted Cream in the mix for added color.

6. Waterproof eyeliner. I sweat, so I need something that will last all day and not smear or rub off.

7. Cream(y) blush. I love cream blushes because I find that they work well for my dry skin. If I want to wear a powder blush, I still usually layer it on top of a cream blush as a base.

8. Lip balm. I think everyone should use lip balms.

9. Pinkish nude lipstick. I love lip colors that go with multiple eye looks, so I can just throw them on and go!

10. Body sprays. I love how light they are and how difficult it is to overdo the scent. I throw one in my bag and go.

11. Creamy highlighter. Actually, this is more like a year-round staple for me. Benefit's High Beam is my favorite highlighter ever.

12. Body butters. Again, because I have dry skin, thick body butters are a gift from Heaven for me. I slather them on behind my ankles, on my knees, elbows, and any other places that might be extremely dry at the time.

What are your summer beauty essentials? Do share! :)

P.S.- I don't really talk a lot about personal issues on my blog (only in my LJ), but I want to mention that I won't be posting tomorrow. I have an appointment with a neurologist, so I'm taking a sick day off from blogging. I'd love prayers, wishes, and positive thoughts thrown my way, if you have any to spare. ♥


Cass said...

I hope your appt tomorrow goes well, I know you've been dealing with some pretty crappy problems. :-(

But on another note I really like the new blog design.

Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

dont worry wendy, everything will be alright. will pray for good results..

take care..


Lillian said...

Good luck dear.

Wendy Banner said...

@Cass- The appointment went ok. I'm sure I'll go into more detail on LJ! Thank you!

@Raech, @Lillian- Thank you, girls!

Linh said...

I think you pretty much summed up my summer beauty essentials! haha. The only thing I would add is the Clarisonic Mia!

I hope everything is ok with you, Wendy! I wish you the best of luck and you'll be in my thoughts.

Wendy Banner said...

@Linh- Oh my goodness, I want a Clarisonic Mia so badly! I'm on the fence just because I don't know if my sensitive skin can take it, but they look like they deep clean so well!

Linh said...

I have oily & sensitive skin and the Clarisonic Mia has been a great investment for me! I broke out realllyyy bad the first couple of weeks since the Mia goes really deep into the skin, but after the nightmare was over my skin has never looked better! They also have a sensitive head brush for people with sensitive skin and that's what I use! =)

Wendy Banner said...

@Linh- We're bad for each other. Haha! You keep talking me into products. :D Another thing to add to my wishlist!

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