Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Benefit Faves

1. Dandelion powder. I love this! If you're fair, you can use it as a blush or a highlighter. It also provides a lovely glow for all over. It has just a bit of golden shimmer.

2. Hoola powder. This is a great matte bronzer, meaning there is no shimmer. It just gives you straight-up color that is not orange. This is great for contouring. While Dandelion is near impossible to overdo, apply this with a light hand until you get the color that you want.

3. High Beam highlighter. This is my absolute favorite highlighter to use on my cheeks. It's very creamy. While the nail polish type brush may look strange, it works really well. I just add a strip of the product on the top of my cheeks and blend it out with either my fingers or a flat-top brush. You can also add a bit of this to your foundation to get an all-over glow.

4. Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows. I have a few of these and I absolutely love them. They are very similar to MAC Paint Pots, but I find these to be a bit more creamier. There is also a lot more color choices. I don't find that they crease unless applied heavily. The only difference is that I find that MAC's Paint Pots have more pigmentation when applied.

5. Her Glossiness lip gloss (discontinued). These have been discontinued in favor of Benefit's newer gloss line. I love the formula of Her Glossiness, because it's not sticky. While that means it won't last as long on the lips, it also meant that my hair wasn't getting caught in my lip gloss any time a gust of wind came up! If you can find these anywhere, I think they are worth a try!

P.S.- Thanks for the well wishes! I have to schedule a MRI, but apparently I have what they call ice pick headaches. They are horrible and I don't wish them on my worst enemy!


Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

Oh gosh, the only two box powders I don't have you have in your favs! Hmmmmmm this kinda makes me want them!

Linh said...

Everything I've tried from Benefit have disappointed me... I've always felt like they were overpriced crappy makeup. After reading your reviews, I think I should try the boxed powders & the creaseless cream shadows!

I used to get ice pick headaches on a daily basis and it was the worst feeling ever... =( I really hope everything is ok and hope you feel better, Wendy!

Wendy Banner said...

@OMA- I definitely love their boxed powders! Coralista is next on my list! :)

@Linh- I completely understand. With Benefit, it is hit or miss! I feel like their three best product lines are their boxed powders, the creaseless shadows, and their highlighters (High Beam and Moon Beam). If you like Paint Pots, I really think you'll like their version. And I'm not sure I've heard a bad thing about their powders, except for the packaging and the little brush that is included. :)

They are horrible! I'm so sorry that you went through them. Do you still get them? I've been getting them for months now and had no idea what was going on. I still have to find the cause for my migraines and I'm not looking forward to a MRI. Someone may need to knock me out with a frying pan!

Linh said...

Thanks! I'll probably look into those creaseless shadows and Coralista blush after I'm done with Project 5 Pan! I want to finish a few highlighters before I look into theirs (lol, I have too many for something that does the same thing)!

I still get them once in a while and it's so painful. Migraines are the worst! It upsets me when people use that word so lightly... saying they have a "migraine" when they clearly only have a headache. They seriously have no idea what we go through!

I went for a checkup a while back because I was getting them everyday, but they found nothing wrong with me. I still don't know how I get them, but I've noticed that I'm more likely to get them when I'm really stressed out.

I really hope everything is ok, Wendy! You will be in my thoughts and I know everything will be all right! Try to drink lots of tea and rest!

Wendy Banner said...

@Linh- I have so many highlighters. I use them all, but I know I don't need this many. LOL! If there is one thing about writing reviews and providing swatches, it's that your collection grows like weeds!

I am the same way. Some people just don't understand the difference between a migraine and a headache. They say that people that suffer from ice pick headaches are only about 2% of the population. We're rare, Linh! :P

Mine definitely come out of nowhere and stress does play a part. Telling yourself to not stress is one thing, but managing not to do it...that's another story!

Thank you so much for your concern. I am hoping to schedule my MRI for this weekend. I guess I won't really feel at ease until I know for sure that there is not a serious underlying cause to my migraines and such. Then, on to another set of doctors for my other health problems. Ick!

Linh said...

@Wendy I know what you mean! I don't know what to do with all of my makeup. I feel like I should hold a blog sale or something -- especially with the items I never reach for.

And that just means we're special, but sadly in a painful way! lol.

I hope they find a solution to help you with your migraines! When I was in high school (and I used to suffer with a lot migraines then), I was prescribed with shots... I don't remember the name of my medication, but I would have to give myself a shot for them. Hopefully it doesn't come down to that, but maybe they can find something to help you with that? Keep us updated though, please! I wish you lots of better health and happiness!

And regarding your comment before this post, yes! We are definitely bad for each other! lol. That's one downfall of being a beauty junkie! XD

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