Friday, August 13, 2010

Project 5 Pan

I've actually been doing Project 5 Pan for awhile now. Any of my recent posts with makeup since June has either been birthday gifts or reviewing things I had already bought. I'm happy to say that with a bit of dedication and trying to use these products nearly everyday, I've done quite well! I actually finished more than five products!

Dove Moisturizer, Maybelline Nude Glow lipstick, Elizabeth Arden eyeshadows (my first two shadows that I have ever hit pan on), Rimmel London mascara, Bath & Body Works Country Apple spray, Sephora brush cleanser, and TreSemme Heat Tamer spray! I'm not counting the eyeshadows as finished, I'm just excited that I did indeed hit pan! The brush cleanser and heat taming spray are empty.

Just a drop or two left. Not even enough to get sucked up the tube!

Maybelline Nude Glow lipstick. I've had this lipstick for so long and I rediscovered it. This might end up being a repurchase. I'm actually still using it with a lip brush, but I'd say it's done! First lipstick that I have ever gotten this far on.

Dove Moisturizer.

Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Mascara. I have no product left in the tube!

Avon Glimmersticks eyeliner. I completely forgot to put this in the group picture. It's done! I have it rolled completely to the top and you can't see anything.

I finished all of these last weekend. I'm so proud! I can see myself doing this again in the future. I did mine a little different by including things other than makeup, but I like it that way. This way I'm using up a myriad of items that were being ignored. I definitely rediscovered some products this way.

And of course, I went shopping after I finished these. That's what we beauty addicts do, right?! Stay tuned until next week to see my celebratory hauls from NYX, Sephora, and MAC (yay for giftcards!). :) I also have a Old Navy haul to show you for some fall basics. Next week is going to be a fun week of posting with hauls, fashion, and swatches!


Linh said...

Congrats on finishing your Project 5 Pan! I am insanely jealous! XD I am so happy for you though! You definitely deserve to go shopping! =D

I can't wait to see your future hauls!

Wendy Banner said...

I had no idea it would go by so fast. So I'm thinking of possibly doing another one soon in a different way. So like I choose a product like facial washes and I am banned from buying any other facial wash until one is empty. I can buy anything else but a face wash. Does that make sense? :) Like doing it by type of product as opposed to just picking out 5 products?!

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