Friday, August 13, 2010

A Gift in the Mail!

So I checked the mail today to find something unexpected! A gift package from Linh! I was super excited to open it and tore right into it. You know just because you won my giveaway doesn't mean that you have to send me something back, right? ;)

Berry New Yorker and Plaza Pink! I'm definitely still on the lookout to find them here, especially now that I have these two. They are gorgeous! Linh, you may have just created a monster!

You all should check out Linh's site, because she is one of the sweetest girls! She deserves more readers! Linh- Either name on the envelope would have been fine! I go by both- one's maiden and one is my married name. And your penmanship is just fine! Mine is anything but nice! :) This was such a lovely surprise. I might just have to utilize your address again... *hint hint* Thank you so much!


Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

such a sweet lady! :) now I am convinced that blogging isnt just about beauty, fashion etc but its also about making friends and getting to know ladies with the same passion as you. :)


Linh said...

I know I've said it already, but I'm so glad they got to you safely! I've been dying to send these to you ever since you mentioned you couldn't find them there. I'm really glad you like them! =)

Thank you for your kind words, Wendy! It means a lot! ♥

~~ Thanks for you clearing up the name thing! It makes a lot of sense now. =)

Wendy Banner said...

I really do! Now the hard part is trying to figure out which one to wear tomorrow! :D

I use my maiden name professionally and my married name personally between friends and family. I just end up using both. Sorry for the confusion! My husband must have put my maiden name on the envelope when he sent it off for me? :)

Keep your eye out, because you might just get some goodies sent your way! <3

Wendy Banner said...

@Raech- I completely agree. I love when it goes to another level. That's why I love having conversations with you guys. Too many bloggers get so many comments and never reply to them and it makes me sad. Blogging should be about meeting like-minded people while learning and sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

awww that's so lovely of her! i've been on the hunt for cream blushes in toronto but haven't had any luck!

Linh said...

Your husband actually put your married name on the envelop, but the letter you sent me had your maiden name on it! I was so like "which one do I use?" lol. Then I remembered you've responded to my email before and I went with that name! haha. I'm glad that you still use your maiden name though. I don't! I hate my maiden name so much, I didn't even include it on my name change!

You don't have to send me anything, Wendy! I really sent that to you because I wanted to and I really don't expect anything back!!!

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