Monday, August 23, 2010

Furniture Buying Tips

Because I just went this weekend and bought a new sofa, loveseat, and mattress, I thought I would share a few tips on how you can get the right furniture for your home!

1. Think about comfort. What is your current furniture doing wrong? For myself, the sofa cushions were wearing out too quickly and the support underneath was lacking.

2. Think about fabric or finish. I went with a fabric couch a few years ago and it is prone to pilling. This time I am going with leather. With leather, it requires a bit of upkeep to keep it looking new and not cracked. They each have pros and cons, so think about which works best for you.

3. Do not buy online without seeing it in person first. I know sometimes that it is impossible to do that, but try to get to the store! You need to sit on it, lay on it, etc. It also helps because they give you more information about the item in person.

4. Measure your room. You need to know how much space you have.

5. Go to the furniture store at least TWICE. Once to look at items and to make notes on certain pieces. Then, go home and think about which pieces really stood out. Go back to the store once more to make sure it is what you want and then you can make your purchase.

6. When going to the shop, take a pen, notebook, and a calculator. Make sure you have your room measurements written down. Compare the measurements to the item you are interested in. Then, calculate how much room that leaves you with. Will it fit in the place where you want to put it?

7. If it's a mattress, coil count does matter. They are what gives more support and stability. Try out a few different mattresses. Lay down on it, sit on it, and bounce a little. You'll look silly, but you'll definitely learn which one works for you. If your bed has a slatted base, a boxspring is not necessary.

8. Stay within your budget! I know how hard it is to see a beautiful $5000 set when you only have $3000 allotted. Just keep looking, because you will find something you like in your price range that will be just as nice. It just takes a bit of digging around. And you'll be happier in the long run with not having to pay the high bill!

9. Pick a color that you will not get sick of. Sure a red sofa is pretty, but will you still think that when you've looked at it everyday for five years? Just make sure that it will grow with you.

10. The most important thing to do is to envision. Think about where you want to put your new furniture. Will it go with what you already own? Will it provide you with enough room?

Those are just ten tips that I thought I would share. And just for fun, here is the sofa and loveseat that I purchased! Two others were in the running, but these were more comfortable and they tie in nicely with my black leather dining seats. It did not hurt that they were on sale! :)

They have a pillow top and it's so comfortable. You just sink right into it. I bought some nice black throw pillows and throw blankets (one red and one white) to go on top. I hate when your legs stick to leather when you have sat on it for too long! If I think about it once I get it set up, I'll try to take pictures.

Hope the tips help! If you have your own, please share!


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