Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two collections at once?!

MAC has released two collections at the same time. What are they trying to do to our bank accounts?! Luckily for me, there is only four things that I really wanted. I might change my mind later and try to get something else, but I am trying to hold out for the upcoming collections!

Out of the alice + olivia Collection, I'm only picking up the If It's Pink Dazzleglass Creme.

Truthfully, the pigments were just not up my alley. While the blue is gorgeous, I would never wear it. And aside from using it on the inner corner of my eyes, If It Sparkles would more or less just sit on the shelf. Later only looks good wet and I can't imagine using it that often. The two other Dazzleglasses are yellow and a sheer color of sparkle. Me + yellow makeup = never gonna happen! Sparklicious is okay, but I can get a sheer color and sparkle from my Baby Sparks. As far as the nail polish goes, I try to steer clear of MAC's polishes. Their formula is not my cup of tea.

I am in love with this promotional image for the In the Groove Collection! This collection is housing two of the most coveted MAC MSFs ever- Petticoat and Stereo Rose! If you are wanting Stereo Rose, act fast. It is already sold out in many places. This is Marine Life all over again, only worse. I did ask around to find out about stocks for my Toronto girls. The MAC Pro store is sold out, but the Eaton Centre will be getting their stock tomorrow morning. So get there when it opens or call to reserve one!

As far as this collection goes, I'm getting the Petticoat MSF, Stereo Rose MSF, and the Hang Loose Mineralize Blush Duo. I'm not a big fan of their mineralized eyeshadows, because I do not find them quite pigmented enough. A few of the products are in the permanent line like the eyeliners and the mascara. The only lipstick in this collection that I would be interested in, I already own (Creme d'Nude). I might take another look at the Cremesheen Glasses!

The MSFs are what will sale in this collection. By Candlelight being the most recent repromoted MSF, as it just came out with last fall's Warm & Cozy Collection. I'm only skipping it because it is relatively similar to Porcelain Pink, which I already have. This is the first time that Stereo Rose has been repromoted since it came about in 2005 (or was it 2004? I can't remember...). Comfort is really pretty, but suited much more for the darker skintones. If you do not want to fork out money for Petticoat in this collection, I've seen it at quite a few CCOs in the past and I'm kicking myself for not getting it then!

Don't underestimate the Mineralize Blush Duos. They work the same way as a MSF when it comes to blush and highlighting and come in fun colors! I'd say Hang Loose and Happy Together will work for paler skin and the others would be great for darker skin. I chose Hang Loose for the simple fact that I don't own a color like it!

Now that I've rambled on for quite a good bit, I'll end with a question. Are you getting anything from these collections? Please tell! :) Swatches on my purchases will come tomorrow!

*images belong to MAC Cosmetics


Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

im planning to get MSf petticoat, happy together blush and I like it like that l/s, but it hasnt arrived in the Philippines yet :(

we always get the collections here late :(


Linh said...

The only thing I want to get is Stereo Rose... only because of all the hype (lol, I feel like a follower, but I'm so curious!). I'm trying to cool off with the makeup spending! XD

Lillian said...

I've been getting so excited for In the Groove since I started seeing hauls from that collection on youtube. It is driving me a little crazy. I definitely want to get a closer look at Stereo Rose & Petticoat MSFs.

Anonymous said...

I was planning to get one piece of that infamous Stereo Rose. However I have changed my mind. I bought Porcelain Pink because all the fuzz (it is being sold out, you gotta have it, best highlighter ever) and used it maybe five times. I just do not like that MSF sheen on my cheeks. It is kinda too much for my enlarged pores.
I am still thinking about one blush (Happy Together) and two shadow trios.

Unknown said...

Stereo Rose & by candlelight was sold out online Wednesday. I ended up getting petticoat and one of the mineralize blushes. Some l/s & cream sheen's

Wendy Banner said...

@ilvoeshopping- I think you'll like Petticoat. It's a very pretty raspberry pink!

@Linh- It's so hard to say no to the hype. Though when a product has been hyped and I buy it, I end up liking it. I mean, I love my Marine Life and Ever Hip. :)

@Lillian- I'll have HQ pictures and swatches up later tonight!

@Yarisse- I really like Porcelain Pink, but I have a very pale skin so it shows up nicely on me. If I don't want the sheen, I knock the brush a few times. I always say that if you don't care for Porcelain Pink to try it layered over another blush like Orgasm. It completely changes the effect. I understand about you not wanting to add a glitter bomb to your pores, though. :)

@Kim- I'm already seeing people selling this release of Stereo Rose for more than $50. It's nice, but hardly worth that amount and effort to get it!

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