Thursday, July 8, 2010

MAC alice + olivia & In the Groove Pictures

As stated yesterday, I grabbed a few items from the latest collections. Well actually, my husband grabbed them for me. They are part of my birthday gifts! Ironically, I told him not to worry about hunting down a Stereo Rose for me. Turns out he called the Eaton Centre yesterday and reserved one for me anyway! Bless his heart!

Here are pictures! Swatches tomorrow, simply because it would be an extremely long post otherwise. And partly because I did not get my Stereo Rose until this evening and I like to take my swatch pictures during the day. :) You can click all pictures to make bigger to see them in more detail.

The regular packaging slides out of the alice + olivia box.

If it's pink... Dazzleglass Creme. It has the normal vanilla scent with a brush wand. It may be a little stiff upon first use. Just brush it against the sides of the tube to loosen the bristles.

Hang Loose Mineralize Blush Duo. A light pink and lavender blush.

Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish. While the site says it is a pale rose, it's much more of a raspberry pink. It does give a metallic sheen.

Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish. Part of what makes this so coveted is that it is MAC's only coral-based MSF. It also gives a high metallic sheen. If you have pale skin, you might want to use this with a light hand or a brush similar to a MAC 187.

See you tomorrow with the swatches of each of these!


Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

Ohhh man everyone went crazy with this collection. I can't believe I sat this one out! I just realized I have too much stuff, but it looks like I missed out on some great stuff :(

BUT on a lighter note, great finds! Your husband is a great man!

Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

Wow! great products! I cannot wait for these collections to be released here in the Philippines especially 'In The Groove'

Your hubby is soooo sweet! :)

Wish my hubby would do the same (support my shopping addiction :) ) hehe


Linh said...

Great haul, Wendy!

I was hunting down for Stereo Rose, but they sold out after 10 minutes of opening hours... That was freaking insane! =( Oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be... Your hubby is superrrr sweet!

BTW, Happy Birthday! I'm not sure if it's passed yet, but you never mentioned when your birthday was.

Wendy Banner said...

@OMA- I hear ya about having too much stuff! I've been cutting way back because I realized the same thing. I would have loved to get more things from the collections, but I tried to talk some sense into myself. :) I give you mad props for passing over the hype!

@ilvoeshopping- I hate that they take so long to get to you. I'd imagine they are probably overpriced there, as well?

@Linh- It's completely ridiculous how fast they are going. I'll keep my eye out here for another one for you, if you'd like. I still can't believe that people are already trying to sell them at $50. It's nice, but NOT that nice. LOL!

And thank you! My birthday is actually on Monday. I'll be making a post on it and hopefully a birthday haul. :)

Unknown said...

I got petticoat, but I wanted Stereo rose too. I'm jealous of you lol

Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

Hi Wendy! I finally got my hands on this collection. It was released yesterday, and my friend who works at the MAc counter was very kind to reserve several items for me. I got petticoat, stereo rose (i did not ask for this one, but very glad that he did reserve it for me), band of roses blush, i like it like that & all styled up l/s. And yes you're right, its oveeer priced here :(


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