Friday, July 23, 2010

My Toronto/GTA Girls

There's some exciting events going on right now with the Frugal Fashion Week! There will be fashion shows, parties, shopping, auctions, swag bags, and more! And I've been invited to take part! I'll have more details on that in my next post. :)

The event that I am attending is tonight at the Bata Shoe Museum. I am very excited to be going! What fashionista wouldn't want to have a night looking at amazing shoes and dancing the night away to a DJ?! It all seems to be straight out of Sex and the City, which happens to be one of my favorite shows.

My only problem was picking out what to wear. Luckily, I emailed FFW beforehand to find out if there was a dress code. That's the best part- there isn't. You go in your own style and you rock it. Now, that's my kind of fashion event!

The events are continuing until Sunday so if you're in the Toronto area, it might be something you want to check out. Just buy the pass online to the event that you want to go to. Yes, you do have to pay for a pass. However, a portion of the money goes to charity!

Again, I'll have more about it in my next post. For now, I'm headed out the door! Please forgive the text-only post as I am on a schedule today. :) Have a great weekend!

P.S.- I will respond to past comments when I get back in tonight!


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