Monday, July 26, 2010

Contest/Frugal Fashion Week/Review

First off, don't forget that the contest is ending tonight! There are not that many entries for the first prize. :) Link is in the sidebar or just scroll down the page for one.

I was originally approached by a company to do a trial run for a Nokia phone and attend the Frugal Fashion Week Gala at the Bata Shoe Museum. I showed up early and waited over an hour for a meet-up that never happened. Perhaps my messages were lost or perhaps our paths just did not cross. I waited outside for a bit of the time and inside the museum lobby for the latter of the time. I sent two text messages and an email and both went unanswered. This person also had my pass that was supposed to allow me into the gala.

Due to me being a fashion and beauty blogger, the kind people at the event allowed me to stay with open arms. The people of the Bate Shoe Museum, Frugal Fashion Week, and Windfall charity were some of the kindest and friendliest people. With the event came full access to the shoe museum!

Contrary to (possibly) being stood up by said company, I made the most of the night. I am glad that I went and got my first fashion event under my belt. I hope this leads to more! I enjoyed looking through the museum. For proof that the museum is fascinating, even my husband was intrigued and this is the man who complains every time I drag him into a shoe store!

My favorite exhibit was the Native American room. The bead work on the moccasins were amazing. My great-great-grandmother was a Cherokee and it was very moving to see the shoes and read some historical facts about the different Indian tribes. Another fun exhibit was the socks. They had a pair of Napoleon Bonaparte's stockings! There was art, history, and fashion under one roof and I walked away with a little more knowledge than I walked in with.

So unfortunately I don't have a review of the Nokia N97 Mini, because that offer completely fell through. Had I not been offered to go to this event, I might never had heard of it. I'm glad I went, though I thought it was very unprofessional of the representative of the company not to call, text, or email me when they had my number. I call it as I see it and on my end, I was stood up and there was a lack of communication.

As for Frugal Fashion Week, it is a lot of fun! I believe that I will try to take in some of the events next year, as well. I love the whole idea behind it. If you're in Toronto or surrounding areas, it's definitely worth checking out when it happens.


Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

that was so unprofessional. In the first place it was them who offered you the trial, a simple text I think would suffice rather than letting you wait. But I am glad, you had fun at the Museum.


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