Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday: NYX Palettes

I really like the NYX brand, but it is hard to find here. I try to purchase the eye pencils whenever I see them because they are particularly hard to find in stores! I plan on doing an updated swatch post on them soon, by the way. :) Anyway, there is a place at an outlet mall just outside of the city that sells NYX products. You just never know what they will have each time you go in there!

Group shot of the palettes!

A nice neutral palette. I really love the colors in this one. I used the first three colors in a look the other day. The formula is really nice and easy to blend. The only thing is that it is the same price as the palettes with more colors like below.

I love palettes like these to travel with. There are so many looks that can be created with this!

I almost did not pick this one up, but I am happy I did. There is a color or two that I don't have a dupe for in my collection.

Do you have any NYX palettes? A favorite? I think this was a great way to start my NYX eyeshadow collection. :)


Anonymous said...

i'm from toronto too! where do you go for nyx products? :o

Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered a blog sale?? Also, Rexall Pharmacy carries NYX products, well the ones I have been to.

Wendy Banner said...

@christine- I get mine at DCW Cosmetics at Vaughan Mills. They have a lot of great bargains on a bunch of brands there. Definitely a place to go to for nail polish, as well!

@anonymous- I have heard about Rexall carrying them, but I've tried two near me that didn't. :( I haven't really given any thought to a blog sale, but I do have lots of contests giving stuff away! :)

Linh said...

I have a NYX palette from their Runway Collection. It's called Champagne and Caviar and it's a neutral palette! I would like to get Catwalk (which is another neutral palette), but I can't find it in person... I think I might have to get it online. =(

I don't use it on a regular basis, but I think it'd be great for travel!

Great NYX haul, Wendy!

samshimi said...

since you live in toronto, are u familiar with the asian mall, pacific mall? they sell nyx products in that mall in the one of the stores. its in one of the corners of the mall behind a store called jcy house and in front of the hall with all the cell phone stores.


Wendy Banner said...

@Mickey- I have yet to go to that mall, but I've heard you can find some really good deals there. I'm going to have to check it out!

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