Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Swatches & 500 posts!

I've done a few of these swatches in individual posts, but I thought I would show them all in one place. So here is an update of the Rimmel lipsticks that I own!

My favorites are: Airy Fairy, Alarm, Pink Blush, and Vintage. I like Paradise, Asia, and Celeb, but I find that I reach for those less often. I find Paradise and Asia to be seasonal lipsticks for fall and possibly winter.

Airy Fairy- A mauve pink that I think would flatter a lot of skin tones.

Paradise- I think the only reason I don't reach for this is that I don't think it suits me. It can look a bit on the brownish side on the lips.

Asia- Again, this color also comes out a brownish pink. Not as brown as Paradise, though. I reach for this mostly in the fall.

Alarm- Very similar to MAC's Russian Red. It's a bluish red and makes your teeth look whiter (a plus!). My go-to during the holiday season! On the swatch, I tried to sheer it out a bit on one side so that you could see how versatile the color can be.

Pink Blush-My newest addition to my collection! And my favorite Rimmel color that I own! It's just a gorgeous light pink that might be more doable for some that couldn't pull off the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick.

Celeb- A medium pink color. There are cool undertones and I don't think it would really suit those with warm undertones.

Vintage- While I love the color of this, the texture takes some getting used to. Unlike the others, this has a bit of glitter in it. The problem is that you feel it. It looks good on the lips, though.

I talk more about the formula and product in this post.

This post is my 500th post here. Yay! Thanks for sticking with me along the way. :)


Kate said...

Oh my Rimmel Paradise brings back so many memories - it was the lipstick of my teens! But I do agree it's a bit too brown...so I've put it into retirement! :)
Kat x Click&Make-Up

Milz said...

pinkblush and airyfairy are really beautiful colors I am definitely gonna buy them thanks for the swatches

Mommy P said...

lovin your reviews girl!!! followed!!! <3

Shaimaa said...

Rimmel is was the first makeup brands that i bought and i am still loving it specially the lipstick I
My favourite one is Adorable lipstick and mascara
And professional liquid liner

Great review

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