Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Favorites!

Is June really almost over? Really? 2010 is going by ridiculously fast. I feel like it should still be January! Oh, I also changed my page a little bit and added Pages at the top. Please let me know if it does not load properly for you! Still a work in progress!

Korres Guava lip butter- I talk about them here. I can't put this one down!

NARS Laguna bronzer- I still plan on doing a bronzer round-up of the ones that I own. This one has a permanent place on my makeup tray while the others are tucked away in a drawer, if that tells you anything.

MAC Blonde's Gold pigment- A swatch of it is here. This looks great as a neutral wash of color, a highlight on the inner corner, or as a lid color. It's completely versatile in looks and I have worn it in every look I've worn since I got it!

Urban Decay Rockstar 24/7 liner- I like the little added pop of color it gives to a neutral eye. It's a nice substitute when I don't want to use my usual black liner. Swatch is here.

Sephora by OPI's I'm Wired nail polish- Just a pretty and bright coral color! I love coral in the summer. At the moment, I have this on my fingers and toes. It's such a fun color to wear on the toes! Looking back, this was in my favorites last June also. That says something!

Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin- I'm on a makeup book kick lately and of the three that I have recently bought, this one really sticks out. There are a lot of looks, tips, and tricks in the book. I really think it is great for beginners and pros alike. I'm looking forward to reading more of his books and about him.

Also, tomorrow is a holiday here (Canada Day)! I'm not too certain that I'll have time to post until Monday, simply because my husband has both Thursday and Friday off. So we'll be running around, doing errands, and taking advantage of the holiday weekend! I get double the holidays with Canada Day and Independence Day. Yay!

I've been working on the next contest and getting the prizes and rules together. I can assure you that the contest post will be going up next week, if I don't manage to update again this week. So stick around and send your friends! ;) Have a lovely weekend!


Linh said...

Great favorites, Wendy!

I've been wanting that book for a while now... I guess it's time for me to pick one up! =)

Wendy Banner said...

It's so great! Now I just have to find his others. It's always hard to find them in stock. This one has a lot of great looks for inspiration, though. I find it amazing how he completely transformed people. :)

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