Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Company Rant- F21

I put in an order this past weekend and I must have clicked something wrong, because then I got an email saying that the order has been canceled. So of course, I try to get it worked out and ask for them to re-establish the order.

Things like this has happened before with other companies. I've had it happen with MAC and Alloy, at the top of my head. The minute the mistake is fixed, they enter in the order once again, and all is well. They even keep the coupon code that I use and apply it.

You know what Forever 21 did? The complete opposite. They refused to fix the order, would not even apply the coupon code to a future order, and said that I'd just have to do the whole thing over myself. To get the original free shipping that I'd had a code for, I would now have to get the $75 worth of merchandise that it takes to get it. I understand that the mistake was my fault, but they were not willing to offer to help at all like other companies have done.

A company with bad customer service always turns me off. On further reading, I have realized that I am not alone in this. Not only is the customer service bad, but apparently they treat their employees badly. I was reading this article a moment ago, before reading this one. I went on to read reviews from past employees and customers. I can't say that I'm too excited about getting cute accessories from them anymore.

Maybe this one girl revolution will get me nowhere, but I stick to my morals. Maybe they won't miss a lone customer, but I will not exactly miss them either. I had rather take my business to companies that actually appreciate their customers and employees. :)

Have you had problems with Forever 21? Maybe another store with bad customer service? Feel free to rant about it here! Or talk about the good experiences! I had a problem with Lush about two years ago and I have not bought anything from them since. I take how workers and customers are treated by companies very seriously. We all should!


GrrrowlGurl said...

haha. I have had great customer services from two companies... neither of them are "Fashion" companies. But they are Amazon and Dell.

Wendy Banner said...

Oh yeah, Dell has been fantastic each time I've ordered from them. They've even fixed a problem with my laptop for free when the warranty ran out. Now, that's service! :)

Unknown said...

ive known ppl that have worked at forever 21 and they do treat their employees bad. ive also heard that they are starting to get in trouble for some of the clothes they are coming out with--they are copying other brands items to a t...you know how other places tweak it just a bit, forever doesn't. and that's all i have to say about that! aeropostale...now that's a great place =) lol

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