Wednesday, January 6, 2010

December Favorites

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Here are the past month's favorites as always! Aw, it's the last monthly favorites of 2009. Welcome, 2010! I apologize for lack of makeup on this list, I wanted to focus on a few other little things for December's list. :)

1. Cetaphil Cleanser - I have the dry skin formula and this has been the only cleanser so far to not make my skin feel even drier afterwards!

2. OPI's Russian Navy - This is my favorite fall nail polish. It's almost always on my nails or toes.

3. Nivea Lip Care Essential - This was in my Christmas stocking, but I love it so much. I use it as a base before I apply lip color. And it has really come in handy during the cold winter weather here.

4. Christmas - I'm such a huge Christmas fanatic! And this year I got to go home for Christmas, which made it 10x more special for me.

5. Boots Botanics Eye Makeup Remover - Best eye makeup remover I have ever owned. It gets rid of mascara, eyeliner, etc. in one swipe.

6. Bumble & bumble Seaweed Shampoo - I have an oily scalp and this works wonders. I no longer have oily hair the very next day. Hallelujah!

7. Christmas cookies - I only like cookies once a year and Christmas is it. There's no cookie like a homemade cookie. I got a huge batch this year when I went home and I was a happy camper. The pinwheel cookies are my personal favorite. Mmmm...

8. Leopard print - No surprise there. If it is a surprise, you're not reading my blog enough. Go read some past entries. ;)


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