Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coastal Scents Smacks

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This was supposed to go in my stocking for Christmas, but I worked my magic on Larry to get it early. :) It's a Coastal Scents Smacks lip gloss. I only got one color because I like to test formulas, quality, and other things before buying several of one thing. I very rarely order multiples of something the first time.

I got it in the color Pep Pink and it is a baby pink. The color is actually a pale pink without me putting on a lip base. The picture below is with concealer on my lips to cancel out the pigmentation. I really like the color and the different ways to wear it. It is quite pigmented. That part of the product gets an A+. Now for the negatives...

I don't like the smell at all. There is no pleasant smell like Benefit or MAC glosses and you can smell it well after applying it to the lips. It does not have a very sticky consistency, but because of this the staying power is not that long. Like all glosses, it lasts a little longer on top of a base (concealer, lipstick, etc.) than it does by itself. After awhile, it does sink into fine lines on your lips and looks a bit streaky. Touch-ups are needed with this gloss.

Other things to know about this product are that I purchased it for US$5.95. They used to be $2.95, but they have since changed the amount of product, packaging, and the applicator. The new tube is well-made, because I already dropped it once on my bathroom tile floor and not a single crack or scratch! It has a doe foot applicator, as opposed to the old brush applicator they had.

Would I buy this product again? I'm torn, but leaning more towards no. While the price is good and the color is pretty, I don't enjoy the smell or like how it ends up looking streaky after about an hour on the lips. I suppose if I were to put it on to run a quick errand, I wouldn't mind.


fern // FERNLAURA said...

The lipgloss looks gorgeous! xxx

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