Monday, December 14, 2009

American Eagle Shoe Mini-Haul

Currently listening: Last Christmas by Glee
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I haven't gotten any new shoes in awhile and these were too adorable to pass up. I had a 25% off code + free shipping offer, so that helped. I am having them shipped to my mom's so I can pick them up at Christmas, which means I have to wait for about a little over a week to get them! That's the only sad part. Haha!

Leopard flats - I told you guys that I like leopard print. I saw these on a girl at a hockey game and loved them. When I found them, I had to get them!

Embellished flats - I love the rhinestones and bow! These are going to be fun to wear to add a little extra flash to an otherwise casual outfit!

P.S.- For those of you on the Marc Jacobs Daisy site, I'm the Daisy of the Week! And for those who are not on the site, you should join. You can get wallpapers, screensavers, and more. :)


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