Monday, November 9, 2009

Wedge and All That Glitters

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I know these are fairly popular MAC eyeshadows and I'm probably one of many to offer up a review and swatch of them. They are lovely though and deserve more good words said about them! The problem with Wedge is that because it is such a neutral color, it was near impossible to get a great swatch of it. It's a great eyelid color for a neutral eye!

All That Glitters- MAC says that it has gold reflects, but I find it to be a bit more of an orange-gold reflect (similar to how Melon pigment reflects). I think it's one of those colors that if layered on, it can give you that sick look that many red/pink/orange eyeshadows can do. I wouldn't wear this as a monotone look. I think it looks fine on the eyelid with a darker color in the crease. Disregard the "Glitters" part of the name, because it's not glittery (like what you'll find in most Urban Decay shadows) but more shimmery when light hits it. It's great for those with blue eyes, because the peachy undertones in the shadow will compliment them.

Wedge- This is a very neutral color. Some use it as a crease color with a lighter color (such as Ricepaper) on the eyelid, but I personally don't think it shows up dark enough as a crease color. I much prefer using it as a lid color with a darker brown in the crease. And if wearing as a crease, I'd darken the corners up with a darker brown to make it stand out. It's actually a great color for my eyebrows as well, so I often use it on them.


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