Tuesday, October 27, 2009

KC concert / Pt. 1 of Haul!

Currently listening: Lady GaGa! Got my ticket for November!
Currently thinking: I'm getting a sore throat. :(
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I'm back from Troy/Detroit, Michigan! I stayed in Troy, which was a really lovely city. The concert itself was at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. I don't have to say how amazing the concert was, because that's honestly a given with the lovely Kelly Clarkson. I'm pretty excited because she sang Chivas (the first time I've heard her sing it at a concert!!) and the best part is that Larry caught me a guitar pick from one of her guitarists! :) I almost died when he handed it to me! It makes up for the fact that I couldn't manage to get a single decent picture.

Afterwards, I met Will who is the lead singer for Parachute. I also talked to Cory, one of Kelly's guitarists. Larry asked if I could go on tour and be a triangle player and Cory said "Sure, why not?!" So sorry everybody, the triangle is apparently mine to play. Ding! :D It's really sad that I waited almost two hours for Jill and Kate (her back-up singers) to come out, but they never did. The night was still a success, though!

Anyway, I did quite a bit of shopping at the outlets and whatnot. So I'm going to break it up into categories this week. Just easier that way! I'll do accessories today. :)

F21 was actually kind of a letdown. The ones in Chicago are much better! I did get two owl necklaces that I can't wait to wear. I don't have much gold jewelry, so I branched out (ha, a pun on words) with the gold owl! With the necklaces, I actually take them off the chain and put them on my own. And most of you know by now that I can't say no to bows. Necklace 1, Necklace 2, hairbows

I've been wanting the Juicy Couture engagement ring keyfob forever. Finally got it! I haven't decided if I want to put it on my keys or on my Daydreamer tote. I think they have stopped making this particular design, because they have the new ones out now. New one is here.

Urban Outfitters always has fun stuff. I have the first Listography book, but I'm really excited about this music-themed one. I love making lists of everything! I got two adorable key covers of a panda and polar bear. I'm obsessed beyond belief with bears (especially polar bears). And I got the Stones shirt because my husband is a huge fan. I see another Stones concert in my future and I want to be prepared. Plus, I love the vintage look to the shirt and it's a men's shirt so it's extremely comfy. book, shirt

Betsey Johnson! Her shops are so cute and PINK! I picked up two adorable pairs of socks. Love! socks 1, socks 2


Ashley Danielle said...

i have those hair bows in the same color but i have no clue how to wear them. i originally bought them to clip back my bangs but it looks kind of stupid.

Wendy Banner said...

With my bobby pins that have embellishments on them, I usually do a half-up half-down thing. I criss-cross them in the back to hold the hair in. I find that to be the best way for me. :)

So it looks sorta like this from the front:

Intrinsically Florrie said...

I must admit I'm not all that into music =P but that does sound exciting.
I LOVE those rose print socks! They are rather gorgeous.

Florrie x

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