Thursday, October 29, 2009

Haul Pt. 3

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Here's the Target part of my haul! I can't go into the States without not going to Target. :) This haul is nothing too exciting to most, but you can easily skip this post! I did also get some leggings with side zippers, which I forgot to photograph. It's close to winter weather here in Canada and you can't exactly wear dresses and skirts comfortably without tights or leggings!

Who doesn't love the Dollar Zone at Target?! I always stock up on notepads, stickers, etc. With these, I post them in my planner with little notes. Or sometimes I just cut the design out and glue it somewhere for a cute pick-me-up. My planner = my life.

Got these cute stickers for my planner! For any important date, I put a sticker by it so that it sticks out at me when I open the page. And I fell in love with this iPod nano case the minute I saw it. I really needed a case for my nano to keep it from getting scratched, so I was pretty happy to find this on clearance.

Remington Hair Straightener and Hair Dryer. Not the best picture of them, but you get the idea. The minute I saw the pink ones, I had to get them. My whole bathroom is pretty much all pink. I have been using the same hair dryer since high school, so I decided it was high time to get a new one. And my straightener is too big and bulky, so I'm excited to try this slim one. And the hair dryer has several settings and a cool setting, which my other dryer failed to have. They also have other cute prints. If that leopard print had been pink, I would have jumped on it! Can't say no to polka dots either, though. :) straightener, dryer

Soap & Glory Feel the Knead soap and Scrub Your Face Off facial wipes, Vaseline body gel, Kashuk blending sponge, Neutrogena facial wipes, and an Ecotools travel kabuki brush. You guys know I love Soap & Glory! I love my blending sponge so much, that I had to buy another one. Stand by for reviews on everything after I've had a chance to try it all out!

Tomorrow's haul on MAC might be postponed until Monday. I've caught the flu and I've been heavily medicated for the past two days. I still feel as though I've been run over by a transfer truck. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. Just to give you a head's up if you don't see a post from me tomorrow!


Ashley Danielle said...

i got the hello kitty iphone case from target and i love it. also i saw those blow dryers the other day and really wanted one since mine is a million years old but i never use it.

Wendy Banner said...

The prints are so cute! I was torn between the three that they offered. I was hoping they'd have other matching things like curling irons and brushes!

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Aw that stuff is all so cute!! I love Hello Kitty =D I have a huge sticker weakness, I think I have some stars quite like those actually. But I tend to leave them of their sheets! Not sure why, but oh well, I like looking at them.
You got some really nice things. :)

Florrie x

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