Tuesday, October 13, 2009

EOTD! Green With Envy

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Just playing around again! I realized I hardly ever play with greens anymore! It used to be one of my favorite colors for the eyes, so I decided to focus on that love again. So here is a look working around green and a random makeup tip at the bottom!

Products Used:
MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot
Coastal Scents 88 Pc. Palette- last green
MAC Melon pigment
CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus eyeliner in black
Rimmel Glam'Eyes mascara

TIP: To help you get a nice sharp corner on your outer eye area, take a piece of tape. Get some of the sticky feel off by putting it on the back of your hand and peeling it off two or three times. This way it's not too sticky when put around the eye area. Put the tape right around where your eyebrow ends and angle it to the corner of your eye. Then, put on your eyeshadow as normal. Pull the tape off and you are left with a perfect V. You can blend it in a little more afterward to soften it up, if need be. I use this method all of the time when I'm in a hurry!


Unknown said...

so i thought you should know that soap and glory is coming out with a perfume! i love the brand lots too and i saw a picture of it on another blog. it's available in the UK but not the US until december...guess we will find out soon enough.

Intrinsically Florrie said...

I do like a little green eyeshadow myself, and it does look best when put with another colour as you have done.
You're so good at eyeliner! I just cannot get it to work for me..

Anyway; I really like reading your blog and all your beauty tips so I nominated it for an award! http://intrinsicallyflorrie.blogspot.com/2009/10/oh-my-second-award-d.html :D

Florrie x

Wendy Banner said...

@Melissa- Really?! How exciting! I hope it smells just like the body butter. Mmmm! This is such great news. Being able to layer the lotion and perfume together would be awesome. :)

@Florrie- Thank you so much! I have a huge fear of eyes. If you only knew how long I had to train myself to be able to do any bit of mascara and eyeliner without freaking out!

Thank you so much for choosing me as one of your nominations! I'll make the post as my update for tomorrow! I absolutely appreciate it! <3

daisychain said...

I love the colour combination you've used here, I must try it myself!

Unknown said...

I know! i can't wait till it comes out in the US!!

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