Wednesday, October 14, 2009

American Eagle Haul

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I only order from American Eagle when I have my hands on a really good discount code. In this case, I had one excellent code that acted like two as well as a great deal on their part. I was able to get their buy one shirt, get one half off deal. I got 15% off of my order, as well as free shipping! Score!

Striped Slim Cardigan in Navy Heather- Cardigans are my weakness. I honestly can't say no to a cute cardigan. They just add an instant facelift to every outfit. I like that this one is a longer length. Also the slim fit will make it great for layering under jackets in the colder weather.

Make Peace Tee in Indigo Water- I love peace signs. I did get this to possibly wear to my upcoming Kelly Clarkson concert, though. She wears a similar shirt during one of her concert sets. So yeah, my KC obsession played a role in this purchase. Ha!

Love Tee in Navy Shade- Can't be a fan of the peace sign without being a fan of love. :) Nothing wrong with spreading positive messages! I plan on wearing this under cardigans with the top buttons unbuttoned so the message can shine through.

Didn't realize until now that I got all blue! During fall/winter months, I tend to go for the darker colors. I do find myself reaching more for dark purples, blues, grays, and blacks. Maybe that's part of the reason I love the colder months! Those colors are so forgiving on everyone!


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