Thursday, August 20, 2009

Upcoming Fall Trends

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Time to talk about fashion trends that we'll be seeing this autumn!

1. Purple. This is pretty much always on the trends list for fall. Just be sure to stick to the darker shades.

2. Rock-n-Roll. Studs, leather, chains. It's glam rock, baby! Live it up!

3. Sparkles! Whether it be a sequin dress or a metallic top, you need to be shining. For the less daring, include the look in your accessories instead.

4. The 80s are back (unfortunately...)! Big shoulders, denim on denim, neon colors, acid wash, crazy leggings...Oh yes, it's all back. Take advantage of this because it will actually be OK to clash again!

5. Plaid. This is one of my personal favorites. I love plaid!

6. Besides purple, black or hot pink is the way to go. Especially head-to-toe black (as seen on the Narciso Rodriguez runway)!

7. Velvet. This has been a mainstay in fall trends for awhile now. It's such a great texture for the season. You can incorporate it any way that you wish. My favorite is to include it in accessories like my purse or shoes.

8. Leopard and zebra print items. I incorporate these in small doses. Anything outrageous and you come across as cheap, in my opinion. And only wear one animal print article at one time!

9. Bangles. The bigger and chunkier, the better!

10. Vests. Sweater, denim, doesn't even matter what it's made of. I personally like this one. It's a nice alternative to a cardigan sometimes! Or be funky and layer one with a cardigan on top!

Which trend are you excited to sport this upcoming autumn?


♔Jaimie said...

i lovee hot pink and black, its prolly my favorite color combination

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