Friday, July 31, 2009

You little minx.

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Katy Perry has been sharing some pictures on her twitter lately that has me drooling. What is it that has me reacting that way? Her nails!

I noticed they were by Minx right away. I might consider this just enough inspiration to stop biting my nails and save up enough money to have this done! If you don't know what Minx are, it's like a shrinkwrap for nails. They heat the material and apply it to the nail. They come in various patterns and colors! They are not long-term, but they are perfect for wowing people at a special occasion. I love the flowered pattern that Katy chose!

P.S.- Just a head's up that Monday is a civic holiday here, so I may not have time to post!
Also...Happy birthday to Harry Potter and JK Rowling! :D


Joanna said...

they look great ;)

Anonymous said...

You should start reading this girl:

The Sydney Girl said...

that is awesome! i've seen nothing like it! found your blog on the fashion spot!

would you like to swap links? =)


Wendy Banner said...

I love TFS! I just started up using it again after letting my old account collect dust. :)

And I'm following you now!

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Wow- I'm a floral obsessive here and those nails are fabulous!

Florrie x

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