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Maybelline Pulse Perfection

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Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara
I was afraid of this mascara at first. I was terrified of the pulsing, but honestly I could hardly tell how much it was vibrating (which happens to be 7,000 times a minute!). This mascara tends to do everything in one sweep. It fully coats your lashes, separates them, and curls them. I had no problems with it clumping. I normally purchase higher-end mascaras such as Benefit, but I put this right up there in terms of quality and outcome.

I have no idea where I have stored my before and after pictures, because I can't find them at the moment. I'll try to come back and update this post with them later!

Anyway, don't believe my word for it. Listen to what my friends have to say!
Katelyn says:
"When looking at the packaging of the product, it is very simple black with gold writing, however the way the font is used, bolding PULSE makes the product stand out. I was a little skeptical before using the product; the whole vibrating wand was a little intimidating. I have never used a product like this before. It took a little getting used to, figuring out how to hold your hand as well as the button at the same time. I found the actual product amazing. It was a creamy texture with a shiny gloss finish. It lengthened to the point where it looked like I was wearing false eyelashes. The formula wasn’t clumpy at all and separated my eyelashes beautifully. I did find though, for a “perfect” look I needed to apply two coats. The removal of the product was easy; I used a make up wipe as I normally do and it came off without a problem. The only problem I did find with this mascara was the length of the wand is a little long. All in all, I thought that this mascara was fantastic and I will definitely be purchasing it."
Katelyn's results were (left = before, right = after):

Melanie's results:

Sana says:
"Okay, so the first thing I noticed when I swiped the first coat of mascara on my lashes is that there was a lot of product. Which unfortunately, meant a lot of clumping. However, after a few tries, I got the hang of it and my lashes were nicely separated and thickened. BUT don't swipe too much because then you get an overload of mascara on your lashes.
The vibrations did make my eyes water a bit, but only in the beginning. It's a strange sensation but it's very easy to get used to and feels pretty good! The bristles on the wand were thin and I was really happy that I only had to swipe one time to get all my lashes coated. It definitely beats the other mascaras, where I had to swipe at least 3 times (center lashers, then inner and outer ).
In terms of effectiveness, I do think the vibrations helped disperse the mascara evenly. You just need to use a light hand, rather than heavy because you get more than enough product with a gentle swipe. A heavy hand would just clump the lashes together. Another thing to watch out for is the drying time. Wait at least 30 seconds before you blink or do anything else.
The mascara formula is quite heavy and if you blink too fast (like I did), you end up with smudges under your eyes. Even though I curled my lashes beforehand, I thought that Pulse Perfection definitely gave my lashes a pretty curl. It's about 7 hours later and my lashes are still going strong! Now, this formula is non-waterproof (I don't even think there is a waterproof one out yet) and that means it's really easy to take off. A few rubs with eye makeup remover and it's gone! But because of that, don't go around sobbing with this mascara on or you'll have racoon eyes.
So in the end, I loved the effect of Pulse Perfection. It separated, volumized and defined very well, it has good lasting power and does not flake throughout the day. I'd definitely buy it again! But I'll probably only wear when i go out at night; since my lashes are already long, 'pulse perfection' gives it that special oomph! That doesn't work well for the office. ...ah screw it, i'll wear it anyway :D Verdict: 8/10"

She gave the product to some of her friends that said:
"This mascara did everything that it said it would. I found that it made my lashes look thick , long and full. It was easy to wash off but at the same time it didn't melt. I found that it took a bit of practice to avoid clumping. But with the vibrating feature it was easy to even the mascara. I thought this product was great and I would definitely buy it again. I liked the way that Maybelline's Pulse Perfection made my eyelashes look more defined."

"Maybelline’s new Pulse Perfection vibrating mascara is good, if not better than the other mascara I have used. The vibrations of the mascara were surreal at first but it’s something you have to get used to. This mascara separated and lengthened the look of my lashes, while the intensity of the colour made my lashes really stand out. There was more than enough product on the applicator brush that I was able to do both my eyes, but applying too much did cause the lashes to clump a bit. The mascara is easy to take off as it is not water proof. For the price (around $15), this is definitely one of the best mascara around and certainly a better deal than Lancome’s oscillating mascara. I loved the result and would definitely continue using this product."

To see Sana's results and pictures, click here.
Christine's review and pictures can be found here.

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