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This product takes the glory!

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Here are my reviews for three Soap & Glory products! I only have three so far, but I can assure you that I want more. S&G is a UK-based brand of skincare and miscellaneous lip products. Every product comes in adorable pink vintage looking packaging with witty titles, which alone almost made me buy it! I did read a couple of reviews first before buying, however. Anyway, on to the reviews!

Righteous Body Butter- I can sum this up in one word: amazing! Allow me to divulge on my experience, please. I have a very rough dry patch of skin on both elbows, which I know is fairly common. I have been using this twice a day for not even a week and they are both gone! Like magic! Nothing else has every worked. This worked like a charm.

Calm One, Calm All- This is a very lovely bubble bath formula. A little goes a long way, as it seems to be highly concentrated. My skin felt so buttery soft afterward that I almost wanted to climb back in for another hot bubble bath!

Clean On Me- This shower cream has body lotion in it. It's like two steps in one. I have very dry skin in other areas of my body besides just my elbows and this completely took care of it. One squirt will pretty much do the trick. I can see this lasting me for months.

You know another great thing about these products? They smell almost just like Miss Dior Cherie! Can you imagine smelling almost just like that lovely perfume everyday for way less?! I absolutely love a bargain and I'm sold on this one. If you are in the UK, you can purchase them at Boots. If in the States, Target sells them. In Canada, you can buy them at Shoppers Drug Mart. I believe those are the only places so far, but do search for them and try them. I'm quite infatuated and obsessed now.



Kelly said...


I always wondered about those & now you've enlightened me. Next time I go Targeting I'm picking up the Righteous Body Butter & Clean On Me.

Thanks for that :]

Unknown said...

I just bought the righteous body butter lotion..which is different than just the butter. But it is absolutely amazing! Leaves you feeling so insanely soft but not the least bit greasy. The smell is so great too. It's very fresh and feminine. My boyfriend noticed my softer skin after the first use. If you buy the body spray, I would love to know what you think of the smell and such. Thanks for showing us these great products!

Wendy Banner said...

Kelly- I hope you do! I really love it. :)

Melissa- I fell in love with the smell! Do you think it smells like Miss Dior Cherie, as well? I want everybody to fall in love with these products, because it's really hard not to. :)

Unknown said...

Yes! It does smell like Miss Dior Cherie! It's so pretty. That perfume is also on my birthday list, haha.

I also got their lipgloss called "sexy motherpucker". Also a great product.

Mc Huggs:) said...

Hi Wendy:

I love you fashion web blog. Must be because I am a big fan of Heidi Klum and Bravo's TV Fashion Runway and I subscribe to a few fahion magazines, Lucky, Allure, etc.

I really love the header, the food with the gorgeous high heel pumps is delicous clors and the jars and jars of make-up.

Ever consider doing some articles on different brands (or your favorite brands of nail varnish and why?)

I am a current subscriber and will visit often, and leave a remark or two. I must say you have beautiful eyes and your skin is flawless. Must be all the fantastic cosmetics you use. I also love the fact that you love life!

Well, have a great holiday. Peace. Nice web blog I wish yiou all the sucess in the world.

((((((Love Wendy)))))
Mc Huggs :)
Geo58 from 43 things

Wendy Banner said...

I'm addicted to all fashion shows and magazines. Serious weaknesses of mine! :)

I have talked about nail polish a bit here and there. I'd feel the need to show the results, though...and I'm a biter. No one needs to see these little horrors that I call nubs. :P I just posted one of my favorites in my June favorites post.

Thank you so much for your kind words! And welcome from 43things. I love that site. Such a great community!


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