Friday, June 5, 2009

Minty Fresh

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I went to a new Bath & Body Works near my home, because I can't stay away from the store. I jumped for joy when I found out there was one going up about fifteen minutes from my house! The best news is that mid-month, they are bringing back some old discontinued favorites. So get ready to go out and stock up on Pearberry (my personal favorite), Country Apple, Sun-Ripened Raspberry, Juniper Breeze, and more. I can't wait!

Another thing I love is that they carry C.O. Bigelow products. If you have not tried any of their items, I really recommend it. Their skin lotions and lip products are great. And they are packaged like a throwback to an earlier era.

I bought the lip tint in Coral Mint. One of the best things about this gloss is that it has a powerful mint smell that masks bad breath. So if you don't have a mint on hand, just rub this across your lips. The color is a lovely muted coral, which is a hot shade for summer! It moisturizes your lips and is not really sticky. I have fair skin and the color looked fine.

Lemon lip cream. First off, I just want to say that if I could eat this stuff, I would! You know how the lemon smells inside of a stuffed donut? That's exactly what this smells like! It's a nice and sweet smell. I put this on at night so that it can moisturize my lips as I sleep. Out of all of my Bigelow lip products, this one is my go-to favorite.



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