Thursday, May 7, 2009

Two Great Looks!

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Miley Cyrus attending the Rome premiere of the new Hannah Montana movie wearing Missoni. This is such a great dress in that it is so universal as far as age goes. I can see someone 16 wearing it just as much as I can see someone in their 40s wearing it. And this color is absolutely gorgeous on Miley! When she is casual, her style is not that great. Lately, her red carpet looks have been beautiful!

Emmy Rossum attended the New Yorker's For Children dinner party in this Dior dress. Some people said they did not like it, but I do! I think the belt is a great accent to the dress and at drawing attention to her waist. It also prevents the tiers and ruffles from taking over. I love the color, as well. I love that she took a risk and I think it paid off!



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