Monday, April 20, 2009

An Amazing Invention!

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I don't have any yet, but I plan on ordering some soon! I saw these on Coastal Scents and they look almost too good to be true. :) You can get them in various size and they have many uses. The use that I find so great is that you can slide the guard on the brush after washing it and it allows the brush to dry to it's normal shape. During traveling, you can slide one on your brushes to prevent fraying of the heads. You can use it as a grip for the handles. And much more! I'm surprised no one ever thought of this before.

It's rare that I talk about something before I actually try it, but I suppose I am just beyond excited about these little things. I've heard some great reviews on them from people that I trust. Once I do get them, I promise to do a full review!



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