Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wacky Fashion Wednesday

Currently watching: The Weekenders
Currently wondering: why I keep having such strange dreams while I sleep
Currently feeling: chilled while looking at the snow falling

So I was online shopping on Alloy, because I desperately needed two new pairs of jeans. And I found these bad boys! They offer them in the colors pictured and in a faded pattern. I can't believe anyone would buy these pants and wear them except for maybe Tacky Day during School Spirit Week. These are just awful...Honestly, I've never seen something so bad on the Alloy site. :/

And for those that are curious, I only order my jeans from Alloy. I only wear Paris Blues and Alloy always has them in stock. I've had great luck with them and they fit just right. So often you buy jeans hoping they will fit in all the right places, and these do that! I have had one pair for four months and there have been no shredding at the hem, rips, stretching, or anything. The best part? They are only $30-35! Brilliant!



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