Friday, January 9, 2009

Fashion Friday

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Anne Hathaway wore this to the VH1 Critics Choice Awards. While I normally love what she wears and find her to have grown into a very sophisticated style, I just can't fathom why she chose this dress. The black part looks fine but then the designer decided to add a sheet to half of it. It looks like a toga gone wrong. Every other part of this is fine. Her hair, makeup, and accessories are great. If she had ripped off the white and made it less Cruella DeVil looking, she'd have a hot look instead of a hot mess. :/



esther said...

I think the dress has wonderful potential, but she wore it very badly with the belt and the shoes! I love anything that modifies silhouettes.

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

she is so my girl crush

Wendy Banner said...

I think she is absolutely gorgeous. So many people bash her looks, but I would kill to have her features! :)

Oh and as for girl crushes, Natalie Portman is mine! :D

Anonymous said...

Anne's gorgeous, anyone that says otherwise is just jealous. I hate the dress. It just looks like the designer just threw something together. Atrocious.

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