Monday, November 3, 2008

Manic Monday

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Just another Manic Monday! Today is my husband's grandmother's 90th birthday. Can you imagine living that long? What an amazing feat!

Just want to share some of my recent purchases from Old Navy. I will not be able to get it all until I go home for Thanksgiving, since that is where I had it shipped. Old Navy should ship to Canada. We have stores here so it only makes sense that they would, but apparently they don't yet. =/

blue henley tank, blue striped cami, bordeaux lace cami, purple lace cami, striped green henley tank, gray tank
blue babydoll top, purple babydoll top, purple henley, bordeaux sweater, blue fleece pullover

green cardigan, blue shawl cardigan, purple/pink peacoat, bordeaux moccasins, and black sherpa boots

I know that a lot are around the same colors, but I like to do that when buying in batches so I can combine them easier. So far I can count eight different outfits I can make with all of them. :) I don't have many of these colors in my wardrobe right now, so I wanted to broaden the spectrum. The best thing is since these will be at home for me, I can pack light when I head down!



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