Friday, April 11, 2008

Chicago Shopping Pt. 2

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Here is part two of my Chicago shopping! :) Stay tuned for part three (the final edition) later on! Here are my Marc by Marc Jacobs purchases! It was my first time in one of his stores, so I could barely contain my excitement. He's my favorite designer, and one of the sales associates was so kind to give me her card so I can call her and have her ship anything I want to my door. That could be dangerous! :)

1. Marc Jacobs flip-flops in Navy
I love flip-flops! They are the staple of my summer wardrobe. I spent almost 19 yrs. of my life hating these things, but then college came along and changed all of that. :) These are pretty comfortable, and I can't wait to get to wear them.

2. purple bandanna
I have no use for a bandanna, really. However, I simply could not resist! I'll just have to find a use for it!

3. key necklace
I love this! I actually took it off of the chain it came on and added it to my red padlock heart MJ timepiece. So now I have a lock and key. :P

4. purple rat keychain
Yep, I had to get it. I love the color purple and I figure rat is my Chinese Zodiac sign, so why not?!

5. Chicago tote
I looked for the Jacobs by Marc Jacobs tote, but unfortunately they were sold out. So I got this tote bag to fill the void a bit. It has Chicago on it and 1984. To me, I'll use it to remember my trip and 1984 is my birth year. Thanks, Marc! *kisses*

6. heart mirror
I got the silver heart mirror. I guess I felt the need to follow the crowd as everyone seems to have one of these now. I love hearts!

7. metallic purple keychain
I love that metallic purple soooooo much. I wish they had the wallet when I went, but no such luck.

As pictured above, I also got:

Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume (purse-sized)
I did not want the ring or the solid perfume, and I liked the size of this pack. It smells so good! If you have not given this perfume a smell yet, please go straight to a store that has it and do so! :D

Totally Turnlock Tote
My husband bought me this for our wedding anniversary, which is why we made the trip to Chicago in the first place. :) I have such a wonderful husband. He knows my love for Marc, and told me to go in and pick out a bag. I was going to get a really pretty blue one, but I thought the black could match more. And this bag may look small, but it really holds a lot. I love the bottom zip compartment, as it really keeps my smaller items organized. My first Marc bag! *does a happy dance* :P

Again, stay tuned for more stuff later! :) Have a great weekend!


Annabel said...

oh this looks extreeeemely successful!

Anonymous said...

thy do that at the coach stores too with the cards. they get commission that way haha.

-mel mel

Wendy Banner said...

Oh really? That's odd, because I did not see anyone else get a card at all after their purchases while I was there. And she gave me one of their pens that they use behind the sales counter, which I thought was really cool!

Anonymous said...

I think it depends on the sales person. I got a thank you card in the mail from coach with the guys card it was cute haha. I hope my previous comment didn't come off rude I didn't mean for it to. =[

also with the bandana you can use it as headband or something like that depending on how long it is.

-mel mel

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