Monday, April 7, 2008

Chicago Shopping Pt. 1

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So I'm a bit late in posting Chapter 1 of my Chicago purchases. I had a family emergency last week with my husband's grandmother. She had a small seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital. All is well with her right now! Thank goodness. She worries me! Anyway, on to a few of my purchases! :)

1. Spanx Reversible Tights at Macy's
One side is black and the other is brown. Perfection!

2. Large pill capsule at The Container Store
I got a smaller one at Christmas during a gift exchange on LJ! I love my fellow spoiledgirls! :)

3. Nail polish corrector pen at Sephora
I needed something like this, because I always get pesky little marks where the polish is not meant to go. I'm a nail polish klutz. Plus, I got a really pretty color of OPI nail polish while out and about. It's Russian Navy. It's pretty much ♥. I forgot to add it to the picture, so here it is now. :P

4. Benefit's Benetint at Sephora
I had never used this before, and I have still yet to try it on my cheeks. They say it is pretty much foolproof, but I'm pretty sure I could probably defy that! :D

5. mmmg pens at Penelope's
I'm obsessed with polar bears and bears in general. Since I was born, my nickname has been Wendy the Pooh, Pooh, and Poohbear. That started the craze, I believe! So I picked up these adorable pens- Polar and Forest. The store is also adorable and named after the owner's pug Penelope. Her two pugs come to work with her and amuse the customers. Olive is the other pug, and she's a little ham!

6. Hummingbird cami at Torrid
I'd never been in a Torrid, but I look at the website sometimes. We have a Canadian equivalent called Voluptuous. When I was on the Torrid website before the trip, I saw this cami and just fell in love with it. It's even cuter in person! And I was lucky that they had one left in my size!

7-8. Cropped cardigans at Old Navy
I technically got these when we reached Canada again. I ran out of time to go to any of the Old Navys in Chicago, so I went to one in Cambridge, ON. I got the tan and white ones to wear with my summer dresses. I wanted a black one, but they did not have my size. I have lots of camis, tanks, and whatnot...and I just am not that comfortable with my arms, so I cover them up for the most part.

9. Little Miss Helpful gel pack at The Container Store
I seriously fell in love with The Container Store. I bought little eyedropper bottles, a lapdesk with polkadots all over it, the pill capsule, paper soap for those pesky public bathrooms that are out of soap, and a few others things. I have mild OCD, so this organization store had me at first sight. My husband had to pry me away and promise me a trip to Target. :) And I love this gel pack!


Annabel said...

those gel packs make my life. i have like 5! good buys!

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