Friday, March 21, 2008

Come on, Sunday!

Currently watching: the Maple Leafs vs. Buffalo Sabres
Currently drinking: water
Currently doing: working on list of what to do in Chicago
Currently feeling: pumped up and ready to go

On Sunday, I head to Chicago! :) I'm so excited! I plan on getting everything that I can't get or find here. And that means a stop in the new Marc by Marc Jacobs store! Mmmm...dreamy...

Among the many items that I am drooling over, I shall show a few that I am definitely going to try to hunt down in the store. I'm keeping it reasonable, as I do plan to shop at Macy's, Bloomingdales, Saks, and all along the Magnificent Mile! And I hope to get a deep dish pizza, as I have never had it before. Better to start with the original! I figure if I can handle Canada's Instant Heart Attack known as poutine than I can handle Chicago's Instant Heart Attack known as deep dish pizza. :D

I love flip-flops!

That metallic purple is love.

I'm torn between getting the gold or silver.

Again, I love that purple!

Such a cute umbrella!

I've wanted this tote since it first came out!

I'll try to post pictures and a list of what all I buy in Chicago when I get back. I think this is going to be a great wedding anniversary for me and my hubby. Happy two years of marriage to us! :) More when I get back...Take care and Happy Easter! ♥♥


Ana said...

Have fun in Chicago. I'll live vicariously through your new purchases.

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Annabel said...

oh i have that tote! so worth it (well duhits only 15 bucks) but seriously, invest!

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