Friday, September 7, 2007

Hello hello...

My first post on here, but not my first blog. I had one on here before, but I canceled it a while back. I also use LJ, Facebook, Myspace, Xanga, etc. I'm certain that I am addicted...not to blogging so much as making new friends and playing with layouts!

Nothing much more to say right now! :)

P.S.- The name of this journal is from a song by Danielle McKee called Ordinary Superstar. It is featured on The Hills soundtrack. It is freakin' catchy, so I really recommend you give it a listen. ♥

Update 12/27/08:
I now have a domain name. You can still get here by, but it's much easier to type in!

Fashionable Heart comes from the fact that I love fashion with all of my heart. I love learning more and more about it. So it was a perfect fit, the name was available, and I pounced on it! :)


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