Friday, February 5, 2021

What I Got for Christmas 2020

This is the latest I've probably ever put this post up and I'm not sure if there is any interest in it this time, but I always enjoy seeing them. Just bringing it to you in a fashionably late way, let's go with that! I still have a few "What I Got for Christmas" videos on my YouTube playlist to get to. I'll watch videos or read any post I come across like this. I love seeing what people get for holidays, birthdays, etc. I feel like it's the curious side of me- the same side that loves seeing what is in your refrigerator, car, purse..I love finding out about new things that were not on my radar, as well.

I understand that these posts aren't for everyone. It's absolutely okay if you don't want to read this post! In this post, I'm going to share highlights and some gifts from this past Christmas. It's insane that it is already February, honestly. As I type this post, it just doesn't seem like Christmas was already over a month ago. I'd love to know some gifts that you got over the holidays, whether from others or gifting yourself!

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Our 2020 ornament. We get a new ornament every year. My fave tradition!

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Stocking stuffers! I've already put the dog sign on our gallery wall on the staircase. I'm a bit of a puzzle fanatic (even before the pandemic), so I got some fun books to pass the time. I'm an animated film lover and I'm not ashamed of it! Zachary Levi is my "Hollywood husband", so I'll watch him in anything. 😉 I loved Shazam! and can't wait for the next one. This might just be one of the prettiest packaged bath bombs I've seen. 

Another stocking stuffer, not pictured, was a talking burger figurine from Bob's Burgers. I just wanted to mention it because it has a funny story behind it. We always open one stocking gift early, so we both reached in and grabbed our designated early gift. They looked similar, but many things do. We went to open them and -- we got each other the exact same thing! We obviously were on the same page with our love for Bob's Burgers!

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One thing on my Christmas list was the Bailey's Red Velvet Cupcake. We aren't huge drinkers, but I want anything and everything that is red velvet. My husband had to hunt this down, apparently. It's limited edition, so be on the lookout for it now if you're wanting to try it. It's delicious in hot chocolate and milkshakes. Peep that pink Wendy mug from my brother in the background. That's still my favorite gift from Christmas 2019. I absolutely missed going home this past year at Thanksgiving and my heart is heavy that I still can't get home over a year later. One day I'll be able to get back over the border safely!

We also got a bottle of Pink Whitney, because I was seeing a lot of East Coasters talking about it. I personally like it mixed with fruit punch (No Name fruit punch, for my fellow Canadians). 👍

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For Christmas, my MIL made handmade gifts for everyone. She also got me a Harry Potter sewing kit, which I've placed on my HP bookcase. I should probably learn how to use it one day. 😄 Placemats, trivets, and a dish scrubber. I actually run a craft business with my MIL, called Warm and Fuzzy Knits. We're in the middle of making a custom blanket order for a customer right now. Those who are supporting small businesses right now- we see you and we appreciate you!
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My SIL and BIL created two advent calendars for each of us to open. Above are the last few days! Each day had things like candy, masks, socks, and whatnot. The last day was our main gifts, which will be put to good use. I'm holding on to that Netflix one for the summer when TV isn't exactly exciting. I'm thinking Bridgerton is first on my list to watch! Since we couldn't be together as a family this year, this was a fun way to gift us. They got Indy a doggy advent, as well. Indy was a happy camper each time it came out.
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Those HP books are amazing and are so detailed. Sometimes I think unofficial things are more thought out than the official ones! Christmas isn't Christmas without getting your favorite treats and we had some fun game nights with the Bingo game. Upper right is two boxes of planner goodies. A pretty notebook! Ready for hibernation with my new sleep mask, pillow, and flannel sheet set and struggling to leave the bed every single day when it is so warm and cozy. I always get a new wall calendar and this one is precious.

Polar bear bath times are in my future, if I can talk myself into using them since they are so cute. I support legends and Dolly and Betty are among the best! Golden Girls will forever be my favorite TV show. I wasn't planning on having an advent this year and ended up with three, counting the one above. These two were Yves Rocher and Shoppers Beauty. I've kept the Shoppers one to use for storage, because that box is stunning in person and very sturdy.

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My big gift! I had been blogging on my ancient Dell for over twelve years. It was slowing down, running out of space, and not running as it should. So I finally got a new laptop! I went with Dell again, specifically an Inspiron 5000. I mean, my other one is twelve years old and still kicking (not powerfully, but a kick is a kick), so I've had good luck with them. I added a few Harry Potter tech decals, because I can't be stopped. They remove easily and with no stickiness. It took days to get everything transferred over, but it feels so nice to love being at my laptop again and not dreading having to use it.

I'm loving how fast everything is, the battery life, and the light-up keyboard. If there's one thing that I don't personally love, it's the color depth. I edit mostly on my phone and get the files from there, but it looks so differently on the two devices. I'm not sure how much editing I'll do on here solely because of that factor. It's not the end of the world, as it's easy enough for me to use my software on my phone. Something worth noting, though!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that you are staying safe and healthy. We're still in lockdown here, so I'll be doing things around the house and then cooking up some fun food for us to enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday. I'm not a fan of either team, but I can't wait for The Weeknd's halftime show! Will you be watching? Happy Friday, everyone!


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