Saturday, September 7, 2019

Happy 12th Birthday, Fashionable Heart!

Here we are again, folks! Let's see if I can put together a decent post. I'm sure I've put my thoughts more eloquently in all the previous posts where I honor my blog's date of existence. I won't make this a novel as I probably have in the past, because those thoughts and words very much still apply.

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If I recall correctly (it was a long time ago, afterall), I started the blog just a few days prior but didn't post until September 7th. It was originally known as Ordinary Superstar, a song that was featured on The Hills at the time. I decided to get my very own .com and so Fashionable Heart was born. The real reason behind me starting the blog was that my grandmother passed away that year (2007) and I was in a dark place. I needed something to put my focus on and I knew I loved writing and photography. I wasn't new to blogging, but this one felt different from the start. This blog came to be exactly two months after my grandma died.

I loved it so much and just kept at it. I blinked and somehow I am sitting here celebrating twelve years. It is insane how quickly time passes. I had no idea that day in September would bring me to this point. I've met some lovely people, worked with some great brands, and have had incredible experiences. Fashionable Heart means so much to me and has made such a difference in my life that it boggles my brain a bit to sit back and think about it.

Thank you to everyone who has deemed this blog worthy of a follow or any of my posts worthy of a read,share, or save. Thank you to the brands and companies that have worked with me. I appreciate all of you with every fiber of my being.

12 years. Wow. What a 12 years it has been! Let's keep going, shall we? :)


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