Tuesday, January 9, 2018

InstaMonth for December 2017

I had a lot of fun on my Instagram in December, possibly because I just really love December. Even now, I'm still trying to experiment and change my feed up a bit. I've added a new background or two, changed my editing a bit, throwing in a few more various shots...It's a hard line to walk when trying to change things up, but stick to a formula that still feels "you" and what people are used to seeing from you. I'm keeping my usual style, just breaking it up so I don't get tired of it.

The algorithm makes it hard to have our work seen and it can be a real pain. Sometimes I see the posts of people I follow under a shared hashtag before I ever see it on my feed- which is often anywhere from when they just posted it to five days later. And actual quality growth (not follow/unfollow) is hard to come by. If I've neglected your profile and you want me to show it some love, let me know. It is not intentional! And if we're not following each other already, you can find me as wendybanner. Here are a few highlights from my account last month!

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1. I bought a few planner items from Etsy during Black Friday. // 2. November faves. // 3. Hard Candy
4. Went to a great L'Occitane event. Reviews are coming! // 5. Stila Warm & Fuzzy // 6. Winter Magic Palette
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7. Sephora haul. // 8. Try some yummy recipes with Sabra hummus. // 9. Shopping at Giant Tiger!
10. Bite Beauty Mauvember // 11. Wake up to makeup. // 12. Hygge. (Sequin pillow and PJs- Giant Tiger, Zig zag pillow and blanket - HomeSense, Slippers - Old Navy)


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