Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My 2017 Christmas List

What I'd really like to ask for is a new mattress and laptop, but those bad boys just aren't in the budget! One day! I focused on keeping every item on my list under $50 CA. We got stuck with an unexpected bill that our insurance company won't help cover and that has put quite a damper on our holiday season. I'm sure we'll do a little bit of gifting, but I'll be happy to just have the next week off with my husband and enjoy some quiet time.

The benefit of my list this year is that none of it is limited edition, so there's no rush on getting any or all of it. I tried to really think about what I could use or have had my eye on for quite some time. Obviously, I have my eye on a lot but I narrowed it down. Way down. If anything, my list for my dog is bigger (total dog mom). Maybe this will give you some new ideas!

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  • Google Home Mini - Kind of cheating the $50 limit with this one. It's $80 here, but the sale price has been below $50 each time. This does pretty much everything the bigger version does but costs less and has a smaller speaker. I love my Chromecast and use Google on my phone all of the time and I feel like this would be an added convenience to my daily life.
  • The 52 Lists Project - I love journals. I love lists. And I'm pretty sure I'd love this journal of lists. I have a list for everything! I mean...this is a list. Just proves my point.
  • Popsocket - I have one and love it! I want another one because I don't want to keep removing my other one from case to case. And the black will go with anything. Highly recommend these!
  • Sephora Foot Mask - With boot season upon us, my feet definitely need some extra TLC.
  • Stila Liquid Eyeshadow - I don't even know if I want the shimmer or the glitter version, all I know is they are so darn beautiful and I can't decide the finish or shade that I want more. I missed out on the sets that Sephora had and I'm still bummed. 
What's on your holiday list this year? I'd love to know! 


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