Friday, November 10, 2017

Old Navy Fall 2017 Haul

This is a collective haul, by the way. Three different hauls, to be exact. I took advantage of 30% or 40% off (can't remember which percentage) on the first, used the Super Cash from that order on the second, and used the Friends and Family discount on the third (which came with more Super Cash - tempting!). Regardless, I stocked up and scored some great deals and now I want to share what I bought and if I think they are worth a buy or not.

I obviously had comfort or warmth on my mind for quite a few of the things that I purchased! Some of the things may also no longer be on the website(s), but I saw many of these in store just last weekend. And one is not an exact match as to what I found in store, but very similar which I'll mention below. I called this a "fall haul" because these are out right now, but these items will definitely take me through winter!

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Cable-Knit Slipper Booties - I missed out on the booties last year before they sold out and I didn't want that to happen again. I love their bootie slippers and they hold up so well. I especially like the hard outer sole on these. The sole is thick and has a great amount of cushion.

Cozy Critter Slippers - Y'all know my love of polar bears. I had to have them! These are so warm and cozy. I'm wearing them right now, because I can't get enough of them. They also have a harder sole on the bottom, so I can wear them out on my balcony. There is such a nice amount of cushion, but they are made a little wider. This is perfect for my wide and flat feet, but others might want to size down.

Plush-Knit Lounge Joggers - I think these might just be the softest pair of joggers I own and they have a looser fit that I love. So happy I grabbed these!

High-Rise Built-In Sculpt Plus-Size Rockstar Jeans - The waist is great. The stretch is great. And then you get to the calf where they included way too much fabric that balloons out. They used to get it right and I have quite a few pairs of their jeans from years ago that were perfect, but now they get the shape all wrong. It's a total shame! I haven't decided if I want to return them yet, because I could just use them during winter when they get tucked into boots anyway. I just had higher hopes!

High-Rise Compression Leggings - I got these for physio sessions, but also for days that I just want to wear leggings (yeah...that's pretty much everyday). For my knee injury, compression is wonderful! These are nice and thick and do not show skin through them! And the high-rise stays put when my PT is making me do the dreaded squats.
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Long Frost-Free Hooded Parka - I really wanted the black one, but my local store only had the green. I don't hate it, though. I wanted the jacket itself more than I cared about the color. Despite living in Canada for 13 years, I did not have a jacket like this. Most of my coats are wool-blend and they're warm, but not always warm enough without wearing multiple layers during the colder days. This bad boy is super warm and long enough to cover my butt and keep me toasty.

Sherpa Bomber Jacket - Speaking of jackets, I just had to have this one. I wanted to finally take advantage of the sherpa and bomber trends, so this hit both in one item. I love the fit of this one- a little loose and perfect for layering over those fall flannels. I have experienced no shedding problems and the zipper works perfectly fine.

Classic Star-Printed Sweater - Old Navy always brings me in with their sweaters. I'd say around 80% of my sweaters are from ON. I saw these stars and I did not even hesitate to put it in my cart. Perfect for the holiday season and easy to dress up or down!

Plaid Dress - I couldn't find the specific dress online that I bought in store last weekend, so I linked to a similar one. If you scroll up to my title image, you can see the plaid pattern that I actually bought. The other difference is that the one I got buttons all the way down instead of half-way. It's very loose and perfect for over leggings.

Luxe Printed High-Neck Swing Tank - This is a part of their luxe line and I LOVE this tank. It's light and smooth to the touch. It has a great fit and I have been loving it paired with cardigans. I think it would look great layered under sweaters, as well. Because it is so light, it breathes and doesn't cling or feel hot.

Have you made any purchases from Old Navy recently?


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