Tuesday, October 3, 2017

InstaMonth for September 2017

September felt like a long month. I know I usually go on about how fast the year is going, but I started to think September would never leave. Like I was stuck in Green Day's song "Wake Me Up When September Ends". I appreciate everyone letting me have a bit of a mental break the past week. I'm still struggling with some things, but I'm trying to get back into my routine little by little. Some of you know what has been going on and I truly appreciate your messages and support!

Here's some bits from my Instagram last month. Instagram remains a struggle for me. I'm a visual person and love taking and looking at pictures, but no matter what I do- the growth comes slowly. With the new algorithm, my interactions are down and a good part of my feed often shows pictures from days past. When my follower numbers go up, they often go right back down because of bots and the follow/unfollow people. I want to love the app as much as I used to, but it just isn't the same and often just leaves me frustrated. I do love following and keeping up with all of you on there, though!

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1. The Barry M Illuminating palette. // 2. Still love the Tarte Sephora birthday set! // 3. Some faves!
4. My last Lush Christmas Penguin. Love! // 5. Lady Gaga was amazing, per usual. // 6. My blog turned 10!!
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7. More planner items, because I can't stop. // 8. Lip Smacker fun! // 9. Odylique Cleansing Bars are A+.
10. Sept. faves! // 11. Fall is here. Time for pumpkins, plaid, & dark colors! // 12. I got the SNES Classic. I missed out on the NES, so I'm darn happy not to have missed out on this one. Thanks to my husband for standing in line and getting the last one at the store he chose! 


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