Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Birthday

I wanted to get this post up yesterday, but it has been a rough month. There's been three family deaths, two on my side and one on my husband's side. Yesterday, his 102 year old great aunt passed away so I stepped away from everything for the most part and spent time with him.

My birthday was last Wednesday and I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I thought I'd type up a quick post just to show a few things I got and tell you how I spent the day. It was nothing extravagant, which was perfect for me! The day marked ten years since my grandmother's funeral (Yes, my dad planned her funeral to be on my birthday. And no, I've never been okay with it. Long story.) and I just wanted to do something to lift my spirits. She had the largest hand in raising me and it's a time where I really spend missing her and thanking her at the same time. It's an emotional rollercoaster, if I'm being completely honest.

My main birthday celebration was a nice dinner out at our local Chinese buffet restaurant. I gleefully stuffed my face with sushi, sesame chicken, and noodles. And afterward, we headed to my MIL's where my husband had a cake waiting. No complaints about any of it! I got some really thoughtful gifts and I thought I would share a few of them below. My friend Daniel thought of me while down south in Nashville and brought me back a country ham and Dolly Parton CD from the Cracker Barrel, so I even felt like I got a dose of home!

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I never say no to new planner and craft things. I got another MAMBI sticker book (my sixth, because I'm addicted), the rainbow one. The three pack of Pigma Micron pens come in different nib sizes and I have a new obsession. I'll be adding more to my Christmas wishlist (note to self)! They right so beautifully and smoothly. The Slice pen is something I actually saw on a "plan with me" video on Youtube and just had to have it. It cuts stickers and washi tape like a dream. It can be found at Curry's in Canada and I'm pretty sure it is at Michaels in the States.
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You guys, I'm so behind on my movies. These three have always been on my radar, but I never got around to going to see them. Not to mention the price of seeing movies in theatres these days! I can't wait for a few movie nights at home to watch these. My SIL and BIL also got me this really nice Harry Potter watch. Always.
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Some of these are shown above, but this was taken from my Instagram because I didn't feel like stylizing the shot again. Haha! How cute is that giant blue polar bear eraser?! I have no plans to use it- I just can't bring myself to mess it up. So it's sitting pretty on my desk. I finally got The Little Book of Hygge. It was on my Christmas list, but it was always sold out so I moved it to my birthday list. But I'm thinking of putting off reading it until fall, because I'll be starting off my favorite season happy.

Everything I got is just so lovely and my family and friends made me feel so special with the gifts, cards, and messages. Now, which movie that I received needs to be watched first? :)


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