Wednesday, April 12, 2017

March Wedding Anniversary Trip: Comfort Suites in Peterborough, ON

Last year, we did something a little bigger for our tenth anniversary so this time we just wanted something smaller and not too far away. We paid for the two nights ourselves, so this post is not sponsored in any form. I didn't take my professional camera either, so sorry about the phone pics. I pretty much packed my bathing suit, my laptop for Netflix viewing, and a few other necessities.

When I began my annual search online for where to go (we go somewhere new to at least one of us on every anniversary), I knew I wanted the comforts of what I couldn't get at home. So when I found Comfort Suites in Peterborough was listed at a decent price for a jacuzzi and fireplace suite and the hotel had an indoor pool and hot tub? And it was free wifi, free parking, and pet-friendly. I was sold!

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Our room had a pink jacuzzi. A little tacky, but I kind of loved it. #givemeallthingspink, please. The added benefit of a microwave and fridge is always a good one. I have really bad lower back pain, but I managed okay on the mattress. I like it cold at night (I usually sleep with a fan!), so it was nice to be able to open the bottom part of the window by the bed.

I'll be honest with you. The room was so comfortable that we hardly left it. I made a lasagna at home and we brought it with us for the first night. The second night we ordered Papa John's pizza. There is a Kelsey's connected to the hotel, as well. While eating, we watched Netflix on the couch. We've just started Riverdale, by the way. My husband is a huge Archies fan and I'm still a sucker for smartly written young adult dramas.

What I will say is that we much preferred the Thursday night of our stay- the first night we were there. It was quite and lovely. The Friday night stay was the opposite. There must have been a hockey tournament because young boys were running down the halls for hours. Yelling, cussing, slamming doors, you name it. And you can hear it through the doors and the walls. It finally slowed down around the hour of 10-11pm. I don't know where the chaperones were, but they were doing a horrible job at keeping the boys under control. If you're not sensitive to noise, it may not bother you. I think it is worth noting, though.
travel, comfort suites, canada, ontario, peterborough, review, jacuzzi, fireplace, pool, breakfast, kawartha dairy, ice cream, anniversary trip, noise, lifestyle blogger
The morning we were checking out, I got up early to go to the pool and hot tub by myself. It was snowing that morning and there is a big skylight above the hot tub to watch it fall. I did a few laps in the pool to work out my knee a bit and came back to the room to get ready for the breakfast.

The breakfast both mornings were great. I did prefer the Friday morning to the Saturday morning one, but both did not disappoint. They have a waffle maker to make fresh waffles, so my husband made me a strawberry one. They had little cheese omelettes and baked ham on Friday. Saturday offered sausage links and scrambled eggs. There were croissants, bagels, and other baked goods. They nailed it on the breakfast bar!

The customer service was nice while there. At check-in, they gave a bag of treats and poop bags to Indy. At breakfast, they gave us trays to take our food back to the room. And the maids fell in love with Indy when they'd knock on the door. We spilled a drink on one of the towels and they were very quick to take it and give us a replacement.

And while being in the Kawartha Lakes area, we couldn't pass up Kawartha Dairy for some ice cream. Being so full from the breakfast, we opted to share a scoop of the Banana Boat ice cream. Yes, that is a scoop! It was so good that I was almost regretful at choosing to share it.

Our anniversary wasn't full of adventures this go-around. We opted for rest and relaxation and we came back home feeling refreshed. It was our first vacation since our last anniversary and we felt it was much needed to just get away and enjoy each other's company first and foremost. And now that we are back home and my husband is getting over a cold and I'm dealing with a bout of plantar fasciitis, we find ourselves wishing we could rewind back to the trip.

March 25th was our 11th wedding anniversary and it was a good one. Can't wait to see where next year's anniversary takes us! To see our past anniversaries, just click on the travel label on the post. I think I've done travel round-ups on our celebrations since our fifth anniversary. :)


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