Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Blog of the Month: September 2016

In August, Jodi from Up the Rollercoaster was my featured blogger. You can read that post and see other past featured blogs under the "blog of the month" label! Being my blog of the month gets you a designated blog post, a sidebar button, and a mention on my Twitter account. The sidebar button stays up all month long. I don't believe in necessarily making bloggers pay for advertising and I'd much rather show you blogs that I really enjoy reading. And I hope you end up enjoying them too!
bbloggers, bbloggersca, canadian beauty bloggers, tea and nail polish, featured blogger, blog of the monthThis month, I have chosen Eithne from Tea & Nail Polish. Her blog focuses mostly on, you guessed it, tea and nail polish. Sure there's a few other posts sprinkled in, but these are her two main topics. Her nail polish pictures are always gorgeous. She recently used Essie's Starry Night and I am once again kicking myself for not purchasing it. And she talks about some interesting tea blends, if that's your...dare I say it...cup of tea! ;) If you check out her blog, feel free to let her know I sent you.


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