Friday, April 15, 2016

Old Navy Summer Shorts Haul

What happens when the temperatures finally get close to 50F in Toronto? Well, apparently I place an order for shorts. Thinking ahead too quickly? Perhaps. But seeing as I got these for nearly 70% off, I'll chalk this advanced thinking as a win. I love colder temperatures and I actually dread the summer heat, but I am hoping that these cute shorts will make it a little more tolerable for me. Besides, heat here is very rarely anything like heat back home in the south.

Last summer, I was pretty much confined to the indoors aside from appointments at the hospital. If you're new here, I suffered a tibial plateau fracture last June and couldn't put weight on my entire left leg for three months. It felt like the longest summer of my life. I am so grateful for how far I have come and can't wait to get out and about this summer!

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I can get my size in their regular line or the plus line, but I preferred these from the plus collection because the inseam is longer. The regular line versions of each of these pairs have a 3 1/2" inseam versus the 5" inseam on the plus versions. Being a tall girl, I like that extra coverage.

I picked out three different designs of the same shorts, because I could not say no to these fun prints! I grabbed the light blue, reef, and navy blue prints in the mid-rise printed shorts. There are a few different prints in the regular line and in stores. I also bought the mid-rise linen shorts in the navy blue pattern. These are all still on sale for great prices! Can't wait to wear each of them as the warmer weather arrives!

Have you started buying anything for your summer wardrobe?


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