Friday, March 25, 2016

My Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Right now, we're driving back from the Lake Muskoka area of Ontario and heading to dinner tonight. It is our ten year wedding anniversary and we've been enjoying the week off together. I'll update soon with pictures from our trip. I found a place that is pet-friendly, so Indy was able to come along. It's always a nice weight off of my shoulders knowing that I don't have to board him.

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In a lot of ways, I cannot believe that it has been ten years of marriage. The BIG ten. I feel so blessed to have Larry in my life. I don't talk about him often, because I keep a lot of things and people in my life private. But being injured this last year and having to relearn everything, he has truly shown me the meaning of "in sickness and in health". He has been by my side for all of it. He takes me to all of my appointments and cheers from the sidelines as he watches me struggle to walk. He took time off of work for months to care for me and help me get around.

But more than that, it is having that support, the love and admiration that I never doubt, and all of the memories and traditions that we have created and will create. There is no way that I can fully express the way I feel for my husband in this post. I'm so happy that I get to have and build this life that we have with someone that knows how to treat people with respect, that never fails to make me laugh (or groan at his corny jokes), and appreciates the smallest things in life as much as the biggest. I'm a lucky girl to love and be loved by someone like Larry. Everyone deserves that kind of love!


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