Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My Favorite Fall/Winter Trends for 2015-16

Fall is upon us and winter is close behind! This is absolutely my favorite time of year- holidays, the weather, the fashion. I'm not one for the heat, so I love when sweater weather comes around. Nothing in fashion makes me happier than layers. Layering for life!

Here are a few trends that I know I'll be enjoying all autumn and winter. I always go for the easy and doable ones, because I think daily fashion should be easy. I want pieces that I can wear time and time again in multiple ways and combinations. I'd rather have more time to enjoy my morning coffee than standing in my closet wondering what to wear. But then again, I take my coffee very seriously.

  • Plaid - Kerri turned me on to this scarf and I just know I have to add it to my closet! (via Joe Fresh)
  • Tie-neck shirts - I have two in my closet. So great for layering under sweaters and cardigans. (via Joe Fresh)
  • Shearling - Little or big doses, this can be found on accessories and clothes. (via Joe Fresh)
  • Flared Jeans - Flares have a special place in my heart. Plus, they are super comfortable. (Genesis via Alloy)
  • Chunky Knits - Cozy is the goal. (via The Bay)
  • Brown - A main color of the 70s, which is the decade du jour. (via The Bay)
  • Creamy White - A warmer take on winter whites. (via The Bay)
What trends are you loving? I'll always be mad for plaid during cooler months, so give me all things plaid!


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