Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Office Supplies Haul!

I bit the bullet and finally picked out which planner would get a year-long commitment from me. This is serious business, you guys. The choices are rampant out there and you really have to dig deep to figure out which planner is going to work best for you. Vertical, horizontal, lots of writing space, etc. I've used so many different kinds over the years. I've learned that vertical does not work well for me, nor do pages that have already been designed (leave that fun part up to me!).

After my first physio appointment on Saturday, I asked to go to Chapters as a special treat (I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket). I had not been out of the house in ages, because it takes so much work between my walker, the wheelchair, and having to hoist myself into the backseat of our van backwards and shimmy in to get my leg straight. So it's far easier for me to just stay in, only going out for appointments. About a month to go before I can start walking a bit. If you're a new reader, I broke my knee in June.

This year for my trusted annual companion, my final decision came down to Moleskine and Kate Spade. I've used Moleskine multiple times over the years and I had a Kate Spade one in 2014. I knew I loved both and so at that point, it came down to design. So shallow, I know. Every time I see the below quote, it puts a smile on my face. It's bright and cheery and makes me want to pick it up. Ding ding, we had a winner!

office school supplies chapters indigo kate spade bows paper clips agenda planner 2016
Along with the Quick and Curious agenda, I picked up the gold bow paper clips. I mean, how can you not? I'll do a post soon on the insides of the agenda soon. It's a little different from my 2014 one. I'm going to have to work more on that "she is quick" part with physio. Ha!
office school supplies chapters indigo watermelon mint republic of tea
Maybe not fully an office supply, but you have to stay hydrated while planning. Yep, that's my reasoning. This watermelon tea sounds and smells amazing. Summer in a tea bag! I brewed some last night and have been letting it chill overnight in the refrigerator. It's calling my name!
office school supplies chapters indigo kate spade planner watermelon tea bows lap desk floral
I also grabbed one of their new lap desks. I'm in love with the navy floral print that they have brought out for fall. I definitely want one of the notebooks. I tossed out my last lap desk before we moved last year, because the filling was going flat. I love using these when I'm sitting on the couch with my planner or working on my laptop. It's been even more useful when I'm in my wheelchair, allowing me a solid workspace.


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