Monday, July 6, 2015

Unexpected Hiatus

So where have I been? First, I hope the formatting shows up right since I'm typing this on my tablet. Not my first choice! Last Saturday was my local Color Run. If you follow me on any of my social media, you'll know it wasn't a good day for me.

I do take issue with the people who planned the race and chose to leave out one very important tidbit of information- the terrain. It was uphill and downhill and took a lot of us by surprise. I am not trained for that. Flat ground? No problem.

Anyway, there was a spot where I passed an emergency crew standing there. I found out why a few steps later. There was a massive drop. I was at two feet from solid ground when I pitched forward and landed directly on my left knee. I sent others for the emergency crew.

The crew called it an 8 foot cliff. They didn't even classify it as a hill. Luckily, I was the only injury, but I can't help but question the decision to put that area in the track. I don't blame the Color Run, but I sure do think this could have been avoided.

So I fell on my knee, had to go to the ER, had scans done, and they found I fractured it in five different places. One for each K of the 5k? Perhaps! I had to go immediately into surgery with a metal plate, bolts, etc. I got to leave the hospital last Tuesday.

broken knee blogging cast

I still have on a massive plaster cast until Thursday when I get my fiberglass one hinged brace (they changed their minds on the cast). I am stuck with the brace and putting no weight on it for three months. Then, I start physio to get it back to semi-normal.

Right now, it's pain pills, wheelchairs, walkers, etc. It's already driving me crazy. And I'm missing out on playing tour guide while my friend visits this week, concerts I was looking forward to, and just life. It's hard to stay positive some of these days. But I'm so lucky it wasn't worse, that my husband's office understands and lets him work at home while he cares for me, the healthcare in Canada, and friends and family who have offered the kindest words, prayers, care packages, and more.

It's been an emotional week. Not quite used to a routine or schedule with this new temporary lifestyle. So I do apologize if the blog gets a little neglected. I'm still trying to stay up-to-date on my other social sites, so I'd love if you'd join me on any of those.


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