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Tag: All Time Faves

I always get a little nervous when I have to pick favorites on anything, because there is so much I love and could put in that category. Some are a little easier to narrow down, but I always look for those loopholes where I can get away with naming multiple things. I can't help it! Have you ever been asked about your favorite song? I mean, how do you even answer that with just one?!

I have based these answers on what I have been using for over a year and always go back to using. I have affairs with other products, but these little guys own the most real estate in my heart. I was tagged by Christine to do this tag and though it's YouTube based, we've put a blogging touch on it. And if there is one thing I have realized, it's that I am made for monthly favorites. Less stress!

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Blush: MAC's The Perfect Cheek blush. It was a repromote in the Marilyn collection. It hasn't been repromoted since, to the best of my knowledge, but MAC usually brings them back after a few years. I can't recommend this color enough. I hate showing LE products after the fact, but it's so good. And here's hoping MAC repromotes it again soon!

Bronzer: I don't wear bronzer that often but when I do, I usually reach for NARS Laguna. It works for my pale skin and I really feel there is a reason behind the cult product status. The shimmer is just the right amount.

Foundation: Well, I'm more of a BB Cream + concealer girl. The MUFE Full Cover and Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse are one of my favorite combinations. The Full Cover concealer is the best thing to ever happen to my face. HOLY FREAKIN' GRAIL product until the end of time. There may be other concealers in my life, but nothing could ever compare to this bad boy.

Brushes: Most of my favorite brushes are eye brushes, but that's probably because eyes are my favorite thing to do in my makeup routine. I'm also throwing my Beauty Blender in the mix. It's not a brush, it's better. I apply pretty much all of my base products with this. The eye brushes featured are MAC's 217, 224, and 239 and Sigma's E75 (mine is the old number system). I also love the Crown Brush C433 (not pictured) as a dupe for the 217.

Lipstick: Tough call, man. There's so many. I want to include so many others, but I'll be good. The YSL Rouge Volupte #1 is one of those easy lipsticks that I grab and run out the door and know that it will always look good. I don't need accompanying lip liner or gloss, it's just good to go.

Palette: Always the original Naked. If you're not new around this blog, you know that. I don't shut up about it. It's probably been in a hundred of my posts by now. There are so many looks that can be done and it's just one of those I can grab and whatever colors I choose will look good together.

Highlighter: It was another tough choice. I could have went with my Amber Diamond or High Beam but when it boils down to it, the Forever Marilyn is my jam on most days. It pairs perfectly with The Perfect Cheek and is just so easy to apply. I know I know, another limited edition product. Bad Wendy! Again, MAC often brings them back. This one won't work for everyone, but it's great for pale girls. I'd love to recommend Dior's Amber Diamond, but they've broken the hearts of many by discontinuing it. Sure there is a replacement, but it's just not the same. Sad!

Mascara: Lancome's Grandiose is amazzzzzzing. The wand, the formula, the bottle. So good. I also love Benefit's They're Real and CoverGirl's LashBlast. Anything that lengthens and volumizes is my friend.

1. What is your all time favorite thing about Youtube? 
I love the variety of videos. I follow accounts on music, food, home decor, beauty, etc. I can always find something to watch! I get as much inspiration from YouTube as I do on Pinterest, actually.

2. Out of all your makeup products, what is your all time favorite one that you HAVE to have at all times? (You can only pick ONE item.)
Eyeliner. Specifically a taupe one like Urban Decay's Stray Dog or MUFE's 24L. My eyes feel naked without eyeliner.

3. What is your all time LEAST favorite thing about Youtube? 
Comments and ratings. Not all comments, just the ones that haven't learned that the back arrow or exit button exists for a reason. If you don't like something, why watch it? Why comment on it? Why waste your time trying to knock someone else down? People sure do get brave behind a screen.

4. Who is your all time favorite Youtuber? 
Oh gosh, I have so many I enjoy. I'm quite older than her, but I adore Bethany Mota. MakeupbyTiffanyD, LoeyLane,, and Clean My Space are definitely at the top of my list. If you're an organizing freak, those last two are for you. You're welcome.

5. What is your all time favorite makeup product to apply? 
Said it above, but definitely eyeshadow. Probably because my eyes are my favorite feature.

6. What is your all time LEAST favorite makeup product to apply? 
Liquid eyeliner. Not my friend in the slightest. Takes me ages. I'm much better with gel or pencil liners!

7. What is your all time favorite brand of makeup? 
Probably Urban Decay or MAC. I'm trying to think of my stash and I'd say the amount that I have of both are pretty equal and they very rarely let me down. I might give Urban Decay the slight edge, because I am all about their Naked line of products.

8. What is your all time LEAST favorite brand of makeup? 
Is there a such thing? Haha! Let me think...probably Hard Candy. Their stuff is hit or miss and mostly miss for me. I do like a few of their powdered cheek products, though.

9. What is the one, all time lesson you have learned from being on YouTube a blogger?
It takes a lot more work than those who don't do it think it does. I hate when people are like "oh, she's JUST a blogger". No, I'm not just a blogger. I'm a photographer, an editor, a writer, a marketer. Bloggers wear many different hats! With so many blogs these days, you have to stick out and it takes a great amount of work. So my number one lesson has been time management and building a routine that works for me. A schedule that usually includes responding to business emails, editing hundreds of photos of the same things while trying to pick out the very best ones, chatting and sharing among several social media sites and blogs, writing blog posts, and still trying to get dinner on the table on time. Wouldn't have it any other way!

10. Who are you gonna tag? 
...and YOU, if you'd like to do it.

Link me to your answers, if you participate!


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